Have child traffickers taken over the Etsy online marketplace?

Following the Wayfair scandal from several years back, another questionable situation has emerged on the Etsy online marketplace platform where users are publishing suspicious listings that some say appear to suggest a pedophilia problem.

Numerous suspicious listings on Etsy are circulating the internet, including one with a “picture of a pizza” listed for sale at $9,000. Said listing reads “delivery instant download,” and in the associated picture, a mobile phone is seen strategically placed inside the pizza box.

In case you did not know, the word “pizza” is a pedophile code, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). Law enforcement documents and mainstream media articles, including a fairly recent one from The Wall Street Journal, also address the word “pizza” and what it means in pedophile circles.

As explained by author and journalist Liz Crokin, who is involved in exposing the so-called “Pizzagate” scandal, many pedophiles have been busted over the years because they used “pizza” as a pedophile code in an attempt to arrange to rape a child or to exchange child pornography.

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Satanic Target-banned Abprallen LGBTQ brand still available on Etsy

You may recall from earlier this year that the Target retail chain banned Satanic-themed t-shirts, sweaters, bags, and badges from Abprallen, a British LGBTQ brand hatched by designer Eric Carnell. Well, Abprallen is still available for sale on Etsy.

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Etsy continues to allow Carnell a platform to sell products that bear similar pedophile themes, as well as blatantly Satanic ones like children’s shirts that read “Satan Respects Pronouns” on the front of them.

There are many other such listings on Etsy from other designers and sellers that promote similarly Satanic, and often pedophilic, goods to consumers. This is unsurprising, considering Etsy has, according to some, become a refuge for pedophiles who were kicked off of other platforms.

“Unfortunately, I have seen many suspicious listings like this on multiple e-commerce sites,” Crokin says. “Since President Trump’s Department of Justice took down Backpage, the child sex traffickers and pedophiles had to relocate their online businesses somewhere. So keep that in mind!”

Crokin also says the Biden regime is knowingly running a state-sponsored child trafficking scheme, this according to hero whistleblowers like Tara Lee Rodas, even though Biden and his people reject the claim that high-priced items for sale online do not point to the illegal sale of children.

In the 2021 Trafficking in Persons report, the Biden regime’s State Department released the following statement:

“Rumors and theories that a global cabal of politicians and celebrities are exploiting children, that companies selling furniture or other high-priced items online are also selling missing children … are all unfounded and perpetuate false narratives about the realities of human trafficking.”

In Crokin’s view, the fact that Biden’s State Department – Crokin on X (formerly Twitter) refers to Biden directly as the “Trafficker-in-Chief” – is patently rejecting the notion that children are being sold online through false, high-priced listings points to a much more serious problem within the Biden regime.

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“They’re attempting to gaslight the public and discourage them from doing a citizen investigation into red flags like the ones here on Etsy,” she writes.

Crokin is an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump who as president spoke out against human trafficking and seemed to support the idea of putting an end to it.

“On a personal note, my store was banned from Etsy years ago, and they would not even allow me to sell ‘Child Lives Matter’ merchandise on their site,” Crokin further wrote in an X message to her followers.

More related news can be found at Trafficking.news.

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