Heart failures spiked 1,000% among pilots in 2022, Pentagon data show

The latest data from the United States Department of Defense (DOD) reveals that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” are high-risk drugs that carry significant health risks, including the risk of heart damage.

Lt. Ted Macie, an active-duty officer with the U.S. Navy Medical Service Corps, uploaded a video to social media citing a July letter from U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel Readiness Gilbert Cisneros Jr. acknowledging the authenticity of Pentagon data showing a massive uptick in heart failure and other serious conditions in 2021 and 2022 after Operation Warp Speed was launched.

All along, Lt. Macie and his wife Mara, who is currently running for Congress in Florida’s Fifth District, have been outspoken in their opposition to the Pentagon’s COVID jab mandate, as well as its mistreatment of servicemembers who objected to it.

The data Lt. Macie unpacks in his video covers the following diseases that increased by the following percentages within the military after COVID shots were mandated on servicemembers by the Pentagon:

Hypertension: 2,181 percent

Neurological disorders: 1,048 percent

Multiple sclerosis: 680 percent

Guillain-Barre syndrome: 551 percent

Breast cancer: 487 percent

Female infertility: 472 percent

Pulmonary embolism: 468 percent

Migraines: 452 percent

Ovarian dysfunction: 437 percent

Testicular cancer: 369 percent

Tachycardia: 302 percent

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COVID jabs destroyed health of U.S. military

The data above and in the above video originally came to light in January 2022 when attorney Thomas Renz at a COVID jab hearing arranged by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) presented it. Sen. Johnson’s revelations were immediately dismissed by the military-industrial complex as being false and stemming from a “data corruption” glitch, but this turned out to be a lie.

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In Cisneros’ letter to Sen. Johnson this past July, he tried to argue that when Pentagon officials attempted to replicate the whistleblower’s analysis, producing “similar” results, that the true cause of all these excess injuries “was more likely to be infection and not COVID-19 vaccination.” Sen. Johnson refuted this by pointing out that the data did not cover servicemembers who were both jabbed and infected, which Cisneros conceded does make the data complete.

“I went in today, I’m doing the same thing, five-year average, however, I’m comparing it to 2022,” Lt. Macie said about how he approached the data. “And I only am using fixed-wing pilots and helicopter pilots on active-duty.”

Lt. Macie ultimately identified major spikes in several heart-related ailments over the previous five-year average. These include the following increases in the following diseases:

Hypertension: 36 percent

Ischemic heart disease: 69 percent

Pulmonary heart disease: 62 percent

Heart failure: 973 percent

Cardiomyopathy: 152 percent

Other non-specified heart diseases: 63 percent

Navy officials’ response to Lt. Macie’s revelations remains one of resistance. One report described the Navy’s response as “slow rolling everything” and “denying anything is happening.” Congress is much the same, with Lt. Macie calling the reaction from legislators thus far “abysmal.”

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“This should equate to a corporate attack upon our Armed Forces, but Woke Brass are derelict in their duties,” one commenter wrote about what the Pentagon did to America’s military.

“The Joint Chiefs of Staff don’t care about the health, happiness well-being of those under their command,” wrote another. “They care about their political connections and their retirement packages. That is all!”

COVID shots are the “gift” that keeps on giving. Learn more about how they break hearts at ChemicalViolence.com.

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