Gloves Off: Elon Musk Writes That DEI Initiatives Must DIE – And That Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Are ‘Just Propaganda Words’

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Political correctness has invaded every corner of life in many Western societies, mostly with a detrimental effect.

In the corporate environment, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives are a shining example of something that may have seemed great in theory, but in real life is developing into yet another big problem.

Billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of X/Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX, claimed that DEI replaces discrimination with ‘different discrimination,’ labeling them ‘propaganda words.’

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Mint reports:

“Writing on X (formerly Twitter), a social-media platform he owns, Musk said, ‘DEI must DIE. The point was to end discrimination, not replace it with different discrimination. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are propaganda words for racism, sexism, and other -isms. This is just as morally wrong as any other racism and sexism. Changing the target class doesn’t make it right!’”

Musk pinned the post on top of his official account.

“Despite Musk’s views, Austin-headquartered Tesla, which operates factories in New York, Texas, Nevada, and California, has continually highlighted its DEI efforts.

[…] The company released its inaugural DEI report in December 2020, integrating these efforts into subsequent annual impact reports. Tesla’s 2022 Impact Report claimed it is a ‘majority-minority’ employer, adding that the company has substantial representation of individuals from historically underrepresented communities in the United States.”

In 2022, California’s civil rights agency filed a lawsuit against Tesla, citing ‘rampant racism’ on behalf of Black workers at the Fremont factory.

In September 2023, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission equally sued Tesla for alleged ‘racial harassment’ against Black workers.

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While the media frenzy is already building up, even a staunch DEI defender like Susan Harmeling was moved to write on Forbes:

While Musk’s language often ventures into the provocative or even nonsensical, his opinions are widely-read and can influence public discourse, so it’s essential to dissect his recent critique of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and evaluate its validity.”

Harmeling believes that ‘fostering fair, safe, and inclusive workplaces cultivates an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can thrive, offering a broader spectrum of talent and perspectives.’

She acknowledges, though, that Musk raises valid concerns about some DEI programs that take to extremes.

“His critique addresses a real issue — certain DEI initiatives, initially aimed at ending discrimination, may inadvertently introduce new forms of unfairness. Musk’s concerns about rigid quotas and decisions based solely on representation rather than qualifications have logical merit.”

It compromises decision-making and pressures leaders to ‘prioritize optics over team optimization’.

“This [DEI] path must walk a tightrope of recognizing these injustices while at the same time also striving for fair solutions that uplift all members of society. Heavy-handed policies, while attempting to rectify these wrongs, will surely create resentment and new forms of unfairness.

[…] Reforming flawed diversity policies that feel punitive is thus necessary, while preserving those that genuinely expand access.

[…] While Elon Musk’s critique may be provocative, it underscores the need to improve misguided DEI policies before they damage the reputation of all inclusion efforts in our society.”

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