ESTATE SALE: Authorities Liquidate Assets of Gay Couple Arrested Last Year in Horrifying Scandal Involving Adopted Sons

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William Dale Zulock and Zachary Jacoby Zulock are a married, gay couple who were arrested last year after authorities in Georgia were tipped off that the two were using their adopted, underaged sons for pornography and possibly even allowing pedophiles to spend time with them.

We covered the horrifying story when it broke.

The two are still in jail awaiting trial and there has not been much news on the story until this week.

Mia Cathell, who has been following the story for Townhall, reported that their assets, including their home, are being liquidated by Walton County in Georgia.

Cathell attended the estate sale and claims that she was told by the agents running the sale that she should not be reporting on the story:

“Ma’am, we’re going to have to ask you to leave. We’re going to have to ask you to delete your footage. All of it,” a woman working with the clean-out company told—well, more like scolded—me. “That’s very inappropriate for you to be talking to people about this. This is a very sad situation, and there’s no reason. No reason. We’re going to need you to delete it—everything.”

I was cornered in one of the children’s bedrooms, accosted adjacent to the walk-in closet where a pile of the boy’s underwear was for sale. Hanging overhead were the same doll-like suits the biological brothers, then 5- and 6-years-old, wore within the judge’s chambers years ago on “Gotcha Day,” when Georgia’s courts expeditiously made “the family” official and the adoption final. The boy’s bed, also an item available for purchase, was covered in a sickening shade of dark-red, perhaps purplish, satin that’s far too mature for a kid’s bedspread. Nearby, diapers were displayed on the connecting Jack-and-Jill bathroom countertop.

Cathell offers details about the house itself, which is now up for sale:

Formerly the fleeting home of self-described “partners in crime” William and Zachary Zulock, the custom-built house has hit the market at an imposing $729,000, albeit recently reduced. Still, it’s hefty given its history. State law, notably, does not require sellers to disclose whether or not crimes—even of a violent nature—were ever committed on-site, only if they’re asked outright. This includes murder, meth labs headquartered in the home, and rape. (Nor are they compelled to divulge if there are any registered child-sex offenders living nearby.) After all, Georgia is a “buyers beware” state. Per the Stigmatized Property Statute, voluntary disclosure of an “emotionally upsetting” event could “psychologically impact” the property, and therefore, “stigmatize” it.

Every aspect of this story is like something out of a nightmare. Cathell notes that if convicted, both men are facing over nine life sentences.

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