The 23 State Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict

The 23 State Solution to the Arab-Israeli Conflict
By Ezequiel Doiny
On December 19, 2023 Charles Moore wrote in the Telegraph “Israel/Palestine: A ‘two-state solution’ now is a dangerous fiction…the massacres committed by Hamas on October 7 change everything. Most obviously, they change the attitudes of Israelis. If a paramilitary organisation in a neighbouring territory uses that territory as the base from which to enter your country and commit rape, kidnapping and mass murder of your citizens (and others), no government can continue as before. Everything must give way to the need to disable, disarm, and, if possible, destroy that terrorist organisation.   A government that talks about peace negotiations in such circumstances would immediately lose its democratic mandate. One that talks about a “two-state solution” would be wandering into the realms of fiction…”
As Charles Moore wrote “the massacres committed by Hamas on October 7 change everything”, the “two-state-solution” is not a “solution” unless by “solution” you mean the destruction of the only Jewish State.
If the “two-state-solution” is not an honest “solution” is there a realistic solution? The answer is actually simple and obvious: the 23 State Solution.
Qatar and Iran financed Hamas and provided shelter to its leaders, it is not possible, honest or realistic to try to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without taking in consideration the historic support Palestinian Arabs received from other Islamic States from the region that support its cause.
There are 22 Islamic member States in the Arab League. All of them should be part of solution since all of them have historically supported the Palestinian cause against Israel.
The 23 State Solution is the only realistic solution. It includes the 22 Islamic member States in the Arab League plus the Jewish State.
I provide important background information to suport my position in my book “Jerusalem is the spiritual capital of Judaism while Mecca is the spiritual capital of Islam”. Please read below important excerpts from my book:
“Part 1 – The Muslim Colonists: most of the Muslims living in Palestine when the state of Israel was declared in 1948 were Muslim colonists from other parts of the Ottoman Empire who had been resettled and living in Palestine for fewer than 60 years  -Joan Peter’s “From Time Immemorial”: “In 1939 Churchill challenged the common notion that Jewish immigration into Palestine had uprooted its Arab residents.To the contrary, according to him, “So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population…  
“Part 2 – The Palestinian Arabs already have a State in Jordan  The Jewish-Arab partition was already implemented when Jordan was created out of British Mandate Palestine. This happened at the same time (and was done by the same British Empire) than the India-Pakistan partition  
“Part 3 – Israeli Arabs, PA Arabs and Hamas are all part of the same Islamic Ummah; all reject the “Two State Solution” and share the same goal to destroy the Jewish State, they only differ in their tactics  
“Part 4 – Jerusalem is the spiritual capital of Judaism, Mecca is the spiritual capital of Islam  -Jerusalem is to Judaism as Mecca is to Islam. Jews face Temple Mount in Jerusalem when praying, Muslims face Mecca even when in on around Temple Mount. Jerusalem was never the capital of Palestine or any other Arab State. Jerusalem was the capital of the Jewish Kingdom of Judea  -Arabs built the Al Aqsa Mosque in Temple Mount to make Muslims the legitimate heirs of Jewish sanctity -Some Muslims claim the original Al Aqsa mosque was in Saudi Arabia not in Jerusalem  – Besides Mecca, Muslims have other holy cities in Medina, Najaf, Karbala  – Jerusalem’s Temple Mount is not the only non-Muslim holy site occupied by Muslims. As Bensoussan wrote the Jews living under Muslim rule were the true victims of colonialism. But not only Jews were colonized by invading Islamic armies Copts, Orthodox Christians, Hindus and Buddhist were also subjugated. Below is a list of Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist Holy Sites that have been desecrated by invading Islamic Armies or converted into Mosques to make a statement of the supremacy of Islam over other religions  
“Part 5 – Israel cannot survive without defensible borders  -“The argument that Israel’s armed forces are much stronger than the Palestinians and therefore it can afford to move to less defensible borders in the context of a peace agreement – and if this agreement is violated by the Palestinians Israel can recapture the territory – is baseless too. First of all, under such conditions, the Palestinians will be able to accumulate a considerable number of arms and military capabilities before they trigger hostilities, and once they do, recapturing the territory is going to be very costly in terms of casualties, not only to Israeli troops but also to the Israeli civilian population and critical infrastructure. Fighting a hybrid force that has both terror and conventional (and perhaps unconventional) capabilities that is fighting behind human shields is a huge challenge for every modern army. As long as many Palestinians continue to support the plan of fighting Israel in phases over time and regard the complete defeat of Zionism as their ultimate goal, any such moves that enable this are extremely irresponsible. The case of Gaza is an illuminating precedent, as are Afghanistan, Vietnam, Lebanon, Sinai, Somalia, and other arenas.”
The 23 State Solution: JIHAD MUST STOP. Peace will only be possible when the 22 Islamic States members of the Arab League stop supporting groups which goal is the destruction of the only Jewish State.

Ezequiel Doiny is author of “Obama’s assault on Jerusalem’s Western Wall” and “Jerusalem is the Spiritual capital of Judaism while Mecca is the Spiritual Capital of Islam”

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