BRUTAL: British Reporter Douglas Murray Just Put Blowhard Cenk Uygur in His Place After Schooling Him About Hamas-Israel War (VIDEO)

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Screenshot: Piers Morgan Uncensored/Youtube

British commentator Douglas Murray delivered a blistering critique of Cenk UygurCenk Uygur’s position on the Israel-Hamas conflict during a debate hosted by Piers Morgan.

The debate, which put a spotlight on the contentious issues surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian situation, took an intense turn when Murray responded to Uygur’s claims about the need for a two-state solution and accusations of war crimes against Israel.

Murray, known for his incisive commentary, challenged Uygur’s assertions with a potent combination of on-the-ground experience and pointed facts. He just ended whatever career Uygur has left.

He acknowledged caring deeply about the loss of Palestinian children’s lives but attributed the tragedy to Hamas’s leadership. Sharing insights from his experiences in conflict zones, Murray reinforced the importance of firsthand knowledge when reporting on such matters.

Douglas Murray said:

“First of all, you say, I don’t care about the death of Palestinian children. Yes, I do care. I care very deeply about it. But I also know that the responsibility for their deaths lies on Hamas, which has misgoverned their society for the last 16 years and now has been leading the country into being in a war with Israel. So, yes, it’s on Hamas.”

He further addressed the complexity of a two-state solution, a subject on which Uygur seemed ill-informed according to Murray. The debate heated further when Murray suggested that Uygur had not spent time in the West Bank as he had and was, therefore, out of touch with the realities on the ground, including the unlikelihood of a two-state solution.

“I mentioned that I cover wars and go to wars because I happen to think myself that it’s worth seeing things with your own eyes, including things that you don’t particularly like. But you report the truth. I don’t know if you ever even leave your own bedroom, and I can tell already that you don’t, because you’ve already said something that demonstrates you know nothing about this conflict. You have just demonstrated it in the following terms: You said that this is why we need to push for a two-state solution and give legitimacy to the Palestinian Authority.

“I’ll tell you something you don’t know, because I guess you spent no time in the West Bank, have you? I’ll tell you something you probably don’t know. The Palestinian Authority, Fatah, celebrated the 7 October massacres.

“I’ll give you another fact, which demonstrates you know nothing about this and clearly haven’t ever visited any Palestinians in the West Bank as I have. If there was an election tomorrow in the West Bank, the reason why there isn’t one is that if there was an election tomorrow in the West Bank, Hamas would win.

“So your idea of a two-state solution, I’m afraid, you are so out of date, and you really should leave your bedroom, because in this region, nobody thinks that there is a two-state solution on the table because there is not a viable negotiating partner.”

In a strikingly frank moment, Murray turned the debate to a global context, accusing Uygur of selective outrage, particularly highlighting other international human rights crises, like the Uyghur Muslim situation in China and the plight of Afghan refugees in Pakistan, which he suggested Uygur overlooked.

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Douglas Murray argued:

“I just want to make one other main point. You have gone on and on tonight, throwing accusations out against the Jewish state, against me. It’s the sort of thing you do. I know you’re a sort of, sort of online pugilist and think you can run for office, and good luck with that. But I’d just like to point out that you only really get animated if the Jews are involved.

“And I can tell that for the following reason: I mean, your surname’s Uygur, isn’t it? One million Uyghur Muslims in China have been put in concentration camps in the last decade. And people of your ilk never really care about that, do you? Because it’s not the Jews doing, it’s the Chinese Communist Party at the moment.

“One million people who are in Pakistan at the moment who are your fellow Muslims and who happen to be Afghan. And I don’t think you care about them, do you? One million Afghans are currently being forcibly deported from Pakistan to Afghanistan. You don’t care about that? You’re not riled up about that. You’re not riled up about what the Janjaweed are currently doing in Sudan, where thousands and thousands of people are being attacked by the Islamist militia there. You don’t care about any of that. You get exercised and you rile up what little base you have of malcontents because you’re riled up when the Jews do anything.”


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