Pro-Palestinian Protesters in New York City Vandalize Abe Lincoln Statue with Communist Symbol

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Pro-Palestinian protesters in NY City vandalize a Lincoln statue with the communist symbol.

Palestinian protestors injected more chaos into the lives of New Yorkers on Saturday. Their goal was to prevent shoppers from enjoying their last-minute gift buying on “Super Saturday.”

Millions of people are expected to be shopping throughout the U.S. on Saturday. In New York City the Pro-Hamas crowd vowed there would be “no business as usual” during the “genocide.”

While families were trying to enjoy their Christmas shopping, protestors were in the streets marching, carrying cut-outs of Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu covered in what appeared to be blood.

That’s not all. The Pro-Hamas crowd also vandalized a Lincoln statue with a communist symbol.

Apparently, they want the end of Israel – and communism in America.

But they call MAGA the threat to America?

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