Dozens of GOP candidates sign pledge to reject COVID-19 vaccines and Big Pharma money

Although it’s easy to blame pharmaceutical companies for the damage their Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have caused to humanity, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that governmental agencies and the politicians who control them also play a key role. That’s why a concerned physician in Texas has called on candidates to clarify their stance toward these jabs and vow not to accept campaign donations from greedy pharmaceutical companies – and the uptake has been surprisingly strong.

The woman behind the initiative is Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, a Texas ear, nose and throat doctor who founded the Coalition of Health Freedom. She called on candidates running for various offices throughout the nation to explain their position on whether COVID vaccines should be pulled off the market. She also asked them to make a public pledge not to accept any campaign donations from Big Pharma.

In a post on X, she wrote: “Want to help? It’s primary season. Let’s replace the politicians who aren’t protecting their constituents.”

She continued: “Ask your representatives … publicly whether they stand with 17,000+ doctors to support pulling the COVID shots off the market.”

So far, she reports that 26 candidates and elected officials across 11 states have agreed that the jabs should be taken off the market.

One candidate who has signed on is David Lowe, who is running for State Representative of the 91st District of Texas in the Republican primary. The combat veteran spoke to journalist Matthew Lysiak of The Epoch Times about why he was willing to support the initiative.

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“It is pretty clear that the numbers and the data behind the vaccine were not accurate and as a result we are looking at what is probably one of the greatest blunders in modern medical history,” he said.

After explaining how lives were lost due to the lack of accurate information about the vaccines, he added: “This whole episode has been a dark blotch on our country and there needs to be change and that starts with our elected representatives.”

Lowe said that even though Republican voters are focused on a range of issues, such as the border crisis and rising crime, they are still worried about COVID-19-related matters even though they may not be getting the attention they did in the past. He added that the influence of pharmaceutical companies on the political process is another big concern.

Another politician who agreed to take on the challenge is John Perez, who is running in the Republican primary for the Texas House District 133 seat. He wrote on X in response to Dr. Bowden’s call: “It comes down to individual choice and freedom — not the bottom line of big drug companies enabled by egregious government overreach.”

Candidates in Florida, Kentucky and New Hampshire have all joined Dr. Bowden’s call.

Some voters say they are more likely to support candidates who won’t be influenced by Big Pharma

Although it is admittedly a somewhat biased group, 94 percent of Dr. Bowden’s followers who responded to a poll she conducted said they were “more likely” to support candidates who won’t accept money from pharmaceutical firms. Despite the bias, however, Lysiak points out that it is useful information that candidates could leverage in some of the areas where tight races are expected.

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She said: “If you look at the data on the uptake of the latest COVID shot, it’s clear that most politicians are no longer getting this shot and are no longer giving them to their kids.”

“It is quite hypocritical; if it isn’t safe enough for their kids or themselves, how is it safer for their constituents?” she asked.

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