Watch the Dave Chappelle Trans Joke That’s Triggering People on the Left (VIDEO)

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Dave Chapelle has a new comedy special out and it’s already triggering people on the left, mostly because Chappelle doesn’t censor himself and is willing to make jokes at the expense of trans people.

This is taboo for the left. No one is allowed to make jokes about trans people and a litany of other topics. Chappelle ignores their rules and it drives them absolutely bonkers.

He is not even a conservative, he just understands the importance of free speech in comedy. Major news outlets are trying to come after him as a result.

This is from Variety, via NBC News:

Dave Chappelle continues to mock trans people in new Netflix special

Maybe it’s time for Dave Chappelle to try some new material.

The comedian’s newest special, “The Dreamer,” debuted on Netflix on Dec. 31, and largely focuses on his early years in entertainment and how he manifested his success. But he floods the first 12 minutes of the set revisiting his favorite target in recent years: Transgender people.

Chappelle opens the special by telling a story about visiting Jim Carrey while he was shooting the 1999 film “Man on the Moon,” where the actor famously went method on set while portraying comedian Andy Kaufman. Dave recalls being “very disappointed” that he spent the day speaking to Carrey pretending to be Kaufman, ending by saying, “That’s how trans people make me feel.”

He then addressed the controversy surrounding his anti-trans material, saying, “If you guys came here to this show tonight thinking that I’m going to make fun of those people again, you’ve come to the wrong show. I’m not f—— with those people anymore. It wasn’t worth the trouble. I ain’t saying s— about them. Maybe three or four times tonight, but that’s it.

Here’s the clip:

Rolling Stone used to be a counter culture publication. Now it’s a cancel culture magazine.

People on the left need to get a sense of humor and get over themselves.

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