WATCH: DeSantis Kicks Laura Loomer Out of Event, Calls Police on Her — Hours After Nikki Haley Did the Same

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ campaign kicked independent journalist and conservative firebrand Laura Loomer out of their Iowa event on Saturday evening — and called the police on her.

Nikki Haley’s campaign did the same thing when Loomer showed up to their event earlier in the day.

Loomer posted a video on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, shortly after the incident.


Loomer continued, “I was just removed from @RonDeSantis ’s Presidential Campaign event in Ankeny, Iowa and threatened with ARREST by a police officer even though I had a ticket. I called the restaurant named ‘Who’s On 1st’ ahead of time and they confirmed the restaurant was open to the public on the top floor, but @RonDeSantis called the cops on me because he doesn’t want me asking him, @chiproytx , @RepThomasMassie and @bobvanderplaats questions about why @RonDeSantis said J6ers aren’t patriots, and why he has allowed for Capitol police to have an office in Tampa, Florida to hunt down Trump supporters.”

“I was told if I came back I would be taken to jail,” she added.

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“You know who isn’t ‘on 1st’? @RonDeSantis , because he’s not in 1st place in Iowa, and he doesn’t support the 1st Amendment! How ironic!” Loomer quipped.

Loomer had the same experience at a Haley event earlier in the day.

She had tickets to attend and had not caused any problems when she was approached by two police officers and a member of Haley’s campaign.

“@NikkiHaley just called the cops on me and had me escorted out of her town hall in Iowa. I was literally just standing and her staff let me inside the event after they sent me confirmation of my tickets,” Loomer posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, with a video of the incident.

The pro-Trump journalist continued, “[Haley] wants to be President and talks a big talk about how she’s going to use her heels to put dictators in their place, but she is so triggered by my presence, she had 2 police remove me from her event.”

“How does Nikki Haley plan on dealing with Putin and Xi if she can’t even handle Laura Loomer?” the post continued.

“Nikki Haley clearly doesn’t support free speech,” Loomer added. “For someone who likes to pretend to be anti-dictator, she sure is acting like a dictator by using the police to have women removed from her events. Way to enforce the concept of weaponized government on the 3 year anniversary of January 6, Nikki!”

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy weighed in on the incident, writing, “If Nikki Haley can’t talk to people who challenge her here in the United States, she has no business representing our country abroad – period.”

Loomer attended a campaign event for former President Donald Trump in the afternoon without issues.

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Unfortunately for these anti-Trump candidates, Loomer will be in Iowa all week.

Source material can be found at this site.

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