Toronto Police Defend Delivering Hot Coffee to Hamas Supporters Blocking Bridge Near Jewish Neighborhood

Police in Toronto, Ontario were caught on video hand-delivering a to-go box of hot Tim Horton’s coffee to Hamas supporters on Saturday who were blocking a bridge near a Jewish neighborhood. The coffee was brought to the bridge by protesters who were not allowed to join the blockade. Two police took the coffee and a bag of snacks and delivered them to the Hamas supporters blocking the bridge.

Laura Brabant, spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service, posted twice on X Twitter to defend the coffee delivery to the anti-Semitic terrorist supporters:

“Our officers are managing a dynamic situation. In performing a helpful act today, our officer’s motivation was to help keep tensions low and should not be interpreted as showing support for any cause or group. Our officers continue to work to de-escalate these demonstrations”


“Officers in Toronto are often publicly criticized for heavy handed tactics used during demonstrations. Today, given a very dynamic situation, officers continued to work to de-escalate these demonstrations and maintain calm and the public’s safety”

Toronto Police had earlier announced road closures for the Hamas demonstrators:

Liberal MP Marco Mendicino, who represents the area of the protest, criticized police, posting, “Good intentions aside, police serving coffee and food to protestors will just embolden more deliberate obstruction of traffic, undermine public safety, and add to local frustrations. Laws exist to prevent this. They need to be enforced!…Given the persistent disturbances, the City should look at using s.214.1 under the Highway Traffic Act to designate a community safety zone at the intersection of 401 Avenue Rd, and other neighbourhoods that may have been impacted.”

Fellow Liberal MP Anthony Housefather also criticized police, “Police bringing food and coffee to demonstrators in the current context of the protests in Toronto was a very poor decision by @TorontoPolice. Unless the goal is to further undermine confidence in the way the force is handling the demonstrations.”

Caryma Sa’d posted many videos from the protest, including the coffee delivery video. A sample below.

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In a scene out of Monty Python’s Life of Brian, demonstrators demanded bathroom privileges from police, which were not granted:

However, one Hamas supporter was allowed by police to ditch a sign that reflected poorly on the protesters:

Protesters eventually agreed to not block the bridge:

Rebel News publisher Ezra Levant ripped police, “It’s not actually the pro-Hamas extremists who are blocking the road in and out of the Jewish community. It’s the police blocking the Jews for Hamas. They’re also delivering food and drinks to Hamas. Toronto Police do not deserve respect. They are unprofessional and unethical.”

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