BREAKING: House Judiciary Committee Approves Resolution to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress

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The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved a resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress.

The Committee voted along party line 23-14 to approve the resolution after Hunter Biden defied a subpoena and refused to testify in a closed-door deposition.

The full House of Representatives will then vote on the resolution to hold Hunter in contempt.

Congressional Republicans previously subpoenaed Hunter Biden for a closed-door deposition related to his influence-peddling and family corruption.

Hunter Biden last month said he would only testify “at a public hearing.”

Hunter made a shock appearance on Capitol Hill as lawmakers convened a hearing in advance of the vote to hold the first son in contempt. Hunter arrogantly walked into the hearing and stared down lawmakers.

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Congresswoman Nancy Mace on Wednesday called for Hunter Biden to be arrested on the spot.

“I think that Hunter Biden should be arrested right here, right now and go straight to jail,” Rep. Mace said.

As soon as GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to question Hunter, he stormed out of the congressional hearing.


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