Brooklyn Public Elementary School Accused of ‘Jewish Erasure’-Omits Israel on Classroom Map, Labels it Palestine

Image: Courtesy of The Free Press (via X)

A public elementary school in Brooklyn is being accused of “Jewish erasure” after omitting Israel from a classroom map and labeling it as Palestine.

According to The New York Post,  the map, located in a classroom at PS 261 in Brooklyn and used by educator Rita Lahoud for an Arab Culture Arts program funded by Qatar Foundation International, is labeled the “Arab World.”

The map features Islamic landmarks in each of the countries in northern Africa and the Middle East.

Hand-drawn labels mark each country, except for Israel, which is labeled “Palestine.”

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The Free Press reports:

Tova Plaut, a New York City public school instructional coordinator for pre-K through fifth grade classrooms, said she found the map “concerning.”

“It’s not just that we’re experiencing Jewish hate in NYC public schools, we’re actually experiencing Jewish erasure,” Plaut said. “And here is proof of that.”

Rita Lahoud did not respond to an email seeking comment. The principal of PS 261 deferred comment to the Department of Education.

According to The Free Press, when asked if the map would remain in the classroom after the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel, the Department of Education responded, “Why would it not be?”

Lahoud’s bio page at Qatar Foundation International appears to have been removed.

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Source material can be found at this site.

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