Melugin: Texas National Guard Uses Riot Shields to Protect Themselves Amid Biden Border Crisis (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden’s America.

Texas has seized 47 acres bordering the Rio Grande and forced the Border Patrol out of the area so the Texas National Guard can protect their own state.

Since then, the Biden regime has struck back, asking the U.S. Supreme Court to get involved.

The following video on X shows how difficult the situation has become for Eagle Pass.

The Texas National Guard is using riot shields to protect themselves from illegals attempting to cross the border through the razor wire barrier. Some succeed in getting through while posing a danger to the Guardsmen. One was almost hit in the head by a rock thrown by an illegal.

The newly obtained video was taken last month before the standoff between Texas and the Federal Government, which goes to show just how bad the border situation has been leading up to that point.


Courtesy of Griff Jenkins

Eagle Pass has seen some of the worst mass illegal crossings along the southern border.

In November of last year, TGP reported that Tactical Marine Units were deployed to save women and children who were drowning in the Rio Grande.

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Watch (Graphic Content):

The Rio Grande has been the site of countless illegals crossing into the U.S.

Thanks to the Biden regime, U.S. Border Patrol has apprehended 3.2 million illegal aliens in the fiscal year 2023 (Oct 1-Sept 30).

Since January 2021, approximately 11 million illegals have entered the country,  a number that equals close to the population of 41 individual states.

Let that one sink in.

Source material can be found at this site.

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