Why did the U.S. State Department lease an upscale New York City apartment to disgraced pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

There is a strange overlap between the federal government of the United States and “seedy” parties from the billionaire class, the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein being no exception.

During a recent appearance with Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily, guest Mike Benz explained that Epstein long maintained ties to the Deep State, and was even leased an upscale apartment in New York City by the U.S. State Department.

“There’s the strange broker role that Epstein seemed to play in commercial transactions and in the affairs of the billionaire class,” Benz stated during the show.

Comparing the situation to that involving Hunter Biden, Benz went on to explain that Epstein, like Hunter, maintained “relationships with large corporations and with very powerful nation-state governments.” They also both lived a “rock and roll lifestyle, high profile, high net worth, deep, deep connections, constantly surrounded by drugs and prostitutes and firearms.”

“The bagman for the Deep State was Jeffrey Epstein,” Posobiec then responded, calling Epstein “one of them.”

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Interests of intelligence, organized crime often overlap

Part of their discussion also involved Benz asking Posobiec if the State Department has ever given him prime property overlooking Central Park, to which Posobiec of course said no.

Benz then proceeded to outline to Posobiec the events that occurred in 1996 when the State Department decided to rent out a property that had belonged to an “Iranian tycoon” but that had formerly been seized to none other than Epstein.

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“What the heck is the State Department doing with a transaction like that?” Benz asked.

Everything was fine for Epstein at the upscale apartment until he decided to sublet it for free to the lawyer who defended the mob in the 1987 Pizza Connection drug ring.

“This guy was the lawyer for the mob defending the mob against running international racketeering and drug laundering charges from the 70s and 80s,” Benz explained.

As for Epstein, the assistant attorney general in the U.S. Justice Department at the time was “saying Epstein belonged to intelligence, while the intelligence arms over diplomacy wing, the State Department, was simultaneously doing real estate deals with the guy while he was passing it on then to the seedy underbelly of the mob world.”

The overlaps between the interests of intelligence agencies that belong to “the regime,” as Posobiec calls it, often overlap with those of organized crime because “you have people who have a certain set of skills … in order to procure, to move items, to do so surreptitiously, to get the job done.”

“I think people know that connections between the FBI and the mob go back quite some time,” he added.

When the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was first contrived under the 1947 National Security Act, its purpose was “to create a cloak and dagger agency that had plausible deniability power,” according to Benz. With that power, the CIA could do “essentially anything they wanted at the time.”

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“They were engaged in assassinations, government overthrows, election rigging, working with the mob, you name it, as long as they could publicly deny responsibility for it,” he said.

“We need dirty things done oftentimes, but we don’t want to claim responsibility for doing them. So we need relations with mom tight organizations or sometimes it’s union, you know, sort of seedy unions, or sometimes it’s money laundering activity in order to do these things in a … plausibly deniable way.”

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