Democrat Illinois Governor Pritzker Says It’s Not Fair to Send Illegal Aliens to His Sanctuary City (VIDEO)

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Democrat Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker ran to ABC on Sunday to whine about the illegal aliens being sent to his state.

With the border crisis being at an all-time high, Texas Governor Greg Abbott is sending illegals to Democrat run sanctuary cities. TGP reported on Saturday that Illinois Governor JB Pritzker begged Governor Abbott to stop sending illegals to Illinois.

Governor Pritzker supports illegal immigration. He signed a bill in 2021 promoting protections for illegals.

Pritzker suddenly has a change of heart now that the illegal aliens are flooding into his state and using up resources.

“There are plenty of other cities where, if he’s gonna send people, they could be sent — but no, he’s choosing only Democrat states, Democrat cities…” Democrat Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker said on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday.


Illegals are now taking over Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.


Governor Pritzker has demonstrated that he puts illegal aliens ahead of the citizens of Illinois.

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TGP reported in October of 2023 that he diverted rental assistance money meant for U.S. citizens to instead house illegals.

Ultimately, the responsibility is with the Federal Government in its failure to protect our nation’s southern border. An estimated 11 million illegals have flooded the U.S. in the last 3 years.

US Border Patrol apprehended 3.2 million illegal aliens in fiscal year 2023 (Oct 1-Sept 30). In the last 3 years, the number is estimated at 11 million illegal border crossers. That number equals about the population of 41 individual states.

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