THE PEOPLE WANT TRUMP! FOX News Reports New Hampshire Voters Have Been Waiting for Hours in 6 Inches of Snow to See Donald Trump and Vivek (Video)

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New Hampshire voters wait for hours in a snowstorm to see Trump!


New Hampshire voters wait for hours in s snowstorm to see President Donald Trump with Vivek Ramaswamy!

FOX Reporter Bryan Llenas: Good afternoon. In just two hours, former President Donald Trump will hold his first rally here in New Hampshire in a month’s time. You can see behind me this is the line of folks who have been out here braving the snow since 05:00 this morning to see former President Trump after his landslide victory in Iowa last night. Now those folks who are braving this 29 degree weather and six inches of snow are also going to see Vivek Ramaswamy share a stage with Trump for the first time, marking their first event together. I should say, since Vivek Ramaswamy stepped down, dropped out of the race and endorsed former President Trump last night.

The Trump Resurgence has begun!

Via Johnny MAGA.

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