A Conservative Executive Has Bought the Baltimore Sun Newspaper and the Left is Freaking Out

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A conservative executive with the Sinclair Broadcasting Group has bought the Baltimore Sun newspaper and people in liberal media are losing their minds.

Media bias has become such a given, that the left can’t even contemplate not controlling every media outlet and being able to set the narrative on everything, especially politics.

Would it have been better to let the Baltimore Sun just die and for jobs to be destroyed?

NewsBusters has details on the left’s meltdown:

GET OVER IT: Lefty Media Freak Over Conservative Baltimore Exec Saving Newspaper

In February 2021, liberal journalists (correctly) were crestfallen that Tribune, The Baltimore Sun’s parent company, would merge with Alden Global Capital, an infamous newspaper conglomerate known for stripping down newspapers to ghost status with, in some cases, only one staff writer and the thickness of a store-brand napkin.

After it was announced Monday that local businessman and Sinclair Broadcasting Group executive Chairman David Smith had rescued The Sun with plans to revitalize it to a robust status, the left is apoplectic…

CNN reacted the way you’d expect. Oliver Darcy, their deranged liberal media hall monitor, whined in his media newsletter that it’s a “deal that has set off alarm bells” since Smith’s local stations around the country “has previously inserted right-wing editorial segments into its local news broadcasts.”

Writing on Threads and X, NPR media writer and former Sun reporter David Folkenflik huffed that “Smith was dismissive of the Sun‘s journalism” and “deflected questions about his own political activities.”

He also seethed that “Smith has been a major funder of GOP candidates; more recently he has funded far-right outfits like Project Veritas and Turning Point USA financed local ballot initiatives.”

Here’s a quick video report:

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What is the left so afraid of here? Are they worried that the Baltimore Sun might report honestly on Trump and Republicans? The horror.

Source material can be found at this site.

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