COVID jabs are DEADLY: Here’s a summary of the evidence so far

We are officially entering year four of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic,” and year three of Operation Warp Speed. Tens of millions of people are now sick or dead due to getting “vaccinated,” and below is a quick summary of the evidence that has been gathered thus far exposing the sham known as COVID “vaccination:”

1) Doctors don’t rely on science in prescribing COVID jabs; they are told to simply trust the FDA and CDC

Since every last trace of post-marketing safety data on COVID jabs is being kept under lock and key, America’s physicians cannot even access it to determine whether or not the shots are safe for their patients. As such, doctors have no choice but to “trust the science” and do what they are told.

“They are essentially told: ‘do what we tell you to do, do not question authority or we will take away your license,'” writes investigator Steve Kirsch about the matter.

2) CDC can’t conduct post-marketing safety assessment because data is hidden

Not only doctors but also the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is having to take wild guesses in the dark about COVID jab safety because it, too, does not have access to any of the data because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not provide it from the manufacturer.

“The CDC could ask states for vaccination records tied to death records, but they don’t want to even ask because if they did a safety analysis, it could be discovered in a FOIA request,” Kirsch says. “The CDC basically has no interest whatsoever in verifying what the actual safety data is. When I offered to show them the NZ data before I published it (so they would finally have record level data), they declined to look at it.”

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3) Health authorities patently refuse to release anonymized record-level patient data for independent researchers to analyze

Even local public health authorities are being denied access to pertinent data about COVID jabs that would allow them to conduct a proper assessment of it in accordance with the law.

4) Medical community showing no interest in data transparency

The establishment continues to get away with hiding the truth about COVID jabs because the medical community is doing absolutely nothing to force its hand in calling for full data transparency.

“Time-series cohort analyses can be easily produced by health authorities and published for everyone to see,” Kirsch writes. “These would show safety signals and do not jeopardize patient privacy. These are always kept hidden.”

(Related: Back in December, a genomics scientist lost $200,000 worth of research after the government of New Zealand obtained an injunction to block the sharing of leaked COVID injection health data.)

5) Reasonable requests made to health authorities receive no response

Whenever someone tries to ask for relevant data on COVID jabs, public health authorities almost uniformly ignore or deny such requests.

6) U.S. Medicare data clearly shows increased mortality due to COVID jabs

One thing we do know is that excess deaths noticeably increased all around the world after the launch of Operation Warp Speed. U.S. Medicare data clearly shows this, and yet public health authorities remain in denial about it.

7) Independent studies show as many as one death per 800 shots

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Despite government claims that COVID injections are “safe and effective,” independent research such as the kind compiled by researcher Denis Rancourt found that, on average, one person dies for every 800 injections given.

8) Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from COVID jabs

Try as they might to hide the truth, survey data clearly shows that upwards of hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from COVID injections, which is comparable to the number of people who supposedly died from the “virus.”

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