Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 1/22/24 — Ingrassia on Soros’ Controversial Tweets; Avila Critiques Biden’s ‘Dream Team’; Robinson Uncovers Dominion Hacking; Carbon Tax Debate Heats Up; Free Speech Price Tag Revealed – 8:00 PM ET

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Tonight, New Hampshire is gearing up for its primary tomorrow – and they’re going wild. And since DeSantis dropped out, has President Trump’s tone toward the Florida governor shifted? Finally, more chatter about who will be Trump’s running mate. Will Robert Kennedy become our next Vice President?

Then, Paul Ingrassia, Constitutional Attorney and Claremont Fellow, joins Ivory to discuss Alex Soros’ tweets suggesting crime and inflation are fixed – and we examine photos from the billionaire’s son, which some on social media are suggesting is a thinly veiled assassination threat.

Next, Victor Avila, Congressional candidate (TX-23), joins the show to discuss how he believes Biden’s “dream team” is more like a nightmare – and even liberal Sen. John Fetterman is highlighting Biden’s failures. Plus, details on a border crosser who made an unusual threat.

After that, Emerald Robinson, host of her own show, The Absolute Truth, joins Beyond the Headlines – and gives us all the details about how a Dominion voting machine was hacked during testimony given in a federal court case. What does this mean for securing the vote?

And news about RINOs on Capitol Hill backing a new carbon tax? Kat Kanada, a Canadian independent activist, will have all the details.

And finally, what’s the cost of limiting free speech? A judge recently issued an order in a case detailing the cost of violating one of our basic rights. How much will they pay? Niki Frenchko, a Trumbull County, OH Commissioner, shares more on this.

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