Martin from Armstrong Economic says THE FIX IS IN: Trump is going to PRISON (but can still win anyway)

Though there is not yet any definitive proof to back his claims, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics says that the fix is in as far as Donald Trump being imprisoned in the Washington, D.C., case.

Despite being on track to win the Republican nomination, Trump will not be allowed to win the White House, Armstrong says. This is according to George Soros’ son, who recently came out and said that the only way Trump will go away is if he is thrown in prison.

Soros funded the case in Colorado that effectively kicked Trump off the ballot there, and more is on the way if Trump continues to pursue another round of the presidency.

“This is a war for the very soul of the United States,” Armstrong writes.

“They have done everything they possibly can to stop Trump, for they KNOW he will do his best to prevent their agenda. Yet, unfortunately, the computer has warned that either side will NOT accept the 2024 election. They are outright pushing to put Trump in prison.”

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AG Merrick Garland calling for speedy D.C. trial to lock up Trump

To keep the ball rolling on this front, Attorney General Merrick Garland is demanding that the D.C. trial be put on the fast track to prevent Trump from being a free man by the time election day arrives.

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Once enough Americans catch wind of what is going on, there is likely to be another American civil war, with Armstrong stating that the nation is approaching “the 19th cycle of 8.6,” this being one of his computer calculations.

“This only adds to the rising tensions, which will escalate into 2026,” Armstrong writes. “These people are so desperate to impose their totalitarian state that they refuse to back off.”

“If they cannot imprison Trump, they will assassinate him. We are approaching the last 8.6 years in this 51.6-year cycle, and they will be the darkest days of our lives.”

Armstrong’s biggest worry concerning all this is if the Supreme Court ultimately bends to this ongoing conspiracy to imprison Trump to keep him from serving another term as president, likening it to the Dread Scott decision when it tried to reduce the tension by claiming that blacks were not citizens of the United States, but rather property.

“They thought they were cutting the baby in half to prevent a civil war,” Armstrong says. “But that decision led the people to vote for Abraham Lincoln, who, by the way, was also taken off the ballot in several states.”

“If they buy this argument that Trump was acting as a candidate and NOT as President, then they probably will think that putting him in prison will lower the tensions. That will not end well for them or the nation.”

In Armstrong’s view, the United States is already in the throes of World War III. Peace will not come, thanks to the actions of Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine, whom he says was selected to start WWIII.

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Because Trump would end the war in 24 hours or less, he cannot be allowed anywhere near the White House a second time. Trump would cut all funding to Ukraine and end the war immediately, effectively shutting down the globalist agenda in an instant.

Armstrong also warns that the probability of another presidential election occurring in 2028 is very low.

“I am NOT putting this out here as some Trump supporter,” Armstrong says. “Personally, I cannot see how they can possibly allow him to win under ANY circumstances.”

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