President Trump Releases Statement Following New Hampshire Win, Calls Nikki Haley ‘DELUSIONAL’

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Former President Donald Trump secured a decisive victory in the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, reaffirming his position as the party’s frontrunner and setting the stage for a likely showdown with Democratic President Joe Biden in the upcoming November election.

The outcome in New Hampshire represents a significant blow to Haley’s campaign ambitions, who had invested heavily in the state. She emerged as the sole major challenger to Trump following Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s withdrawal from the race.

The results come despite Haley’s intensive efforts to sway New Hampshire’s substantial independent voter base and even Democrats to her side, aiming to challenge Trump’s stronghold on the GOP.

According to MSNBC’s exit poll, New Hampshire shows that a majority of voters in the Republican primary tonight are NOT Republicans, 53% identified as either Independent or Democrat.

“So ridiculous that Democrats and Independents are allowed to vote in the Republican primary, especially since crooked Joe Biden has abandoned New Hampshire—but word is we are doing really well!!!” Trump wrote earlier.

In the wake of the primary results, Trump took to Truth Social to comment on his win.

“Wow! We are doing really well despite all of the Biden Votes going for Haley!!!,” Trump posted.

Trump continued to lambaste Haley, highlighting her failure to meet her own expectations in the primary.

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“Haley said she had to WIN in New Hampshire. SHE DIDN’T!!!” he wrote, followed by a blunt “DELUSIONAL!!!”

His remarks didn’t end there, as he added, “SHE CAME IN THIRD LAST WEEK!”

In a further jab, Trump announced that “SHE JUST LOST NEVADA, WHICH IS UP NEXT!”

Trump’s win in New Hampshire solidifies his momentum as the Republican Party’s nominee.

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