OFF THE BALLOT: Oregon Supreme Court Bars 10 Republican Lawmakers From Running for Reelection

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The Oregon Supreme Court has ruled that ten Republican lawmakers may not seek reelection because they participated in a walkout last year over a policy dispute.

According to rule in Oregon called Measure 113, ten or more unexcused absences disqualifies one from seeking reelection.

Did you think the left would only use this tactic against Trump? Watch now as other states create new rules for the sole purpose of taking Republicans off the ballot.

FOX News reports:

Oregon Supreme Court stops 10 GOP lawmakers from running for re-election, siding with Democrat’s ballot ban

The Oregon Supreme Court on Thursday decided that 10 Republican state senators who participated in a record-long boycott last summer to block bills extending access to abortion for minors, transgender procedures and medical intervention, as well as another measure on ghost guns, cannot seek re-election this year.

The Oregon Senate Republican Caucus charged that the “Democrat-stacked supreme court sides with Democrats and union cronies on Measure 113 despite plain language of Constitution.” The caucus stressed that the state high court’s decision is “effectively ending the service of 10 Republican senators, who represent one-third of the Oregon Senate.”

The ruling upholds Democratic Oregon Secretary of State LaVonne Griffin-Valade’s announcement last August to disqualify the 10 lawmakers from the ballot under a measure aimed at stopping such boycotts. Measure 113, passed by voters in 2022, amended the state constitution to bar lawmakers from re-election if they have more than 10 unexcused absences.

Last year’s boycott lasted six weeks — the longest in state history — and stalled hundreds of bills. Five lawmakers sued over the secretary of state’s decision: Sens. Tim Knopp, Daniel Bonham, Suzanne Weber, Dennis Linthicum and Lynn Findley. They were among the 10 GOP senators who racked up more than 10 absences.

It’s so obvious what is going on here.

Here’s a video report:

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The left will try to do this in other states. Just watch.

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