EXCLUSIVE: Delaware GOP Chair Julianne Murray Declares President Trump Will Win Biden’s Home State After She Won Lawsuit Banning Unconstitutional No-Excuse Mail-In Ballots

CONRADSON: I think the most important thing in our elections is restoring election integrity, making sure that these votes aren’t going to be stolen because, you know, you can register as many voters as possible, get out the vote as much as you want, but if they’re stealing elections, it doesn’t matter. Talk about your historic, groundbreaking victory in the Delaware Supreme Court where you got rid of mail-in ballots.

MURRAY: I am the state Chair of Delaware, but in 2022, I was the AG candidate, so I was running for Attorney General, and our General Assembly passed vote by mail statutorily. So, they did it by statute, didn’t amend the Constitution, and in Delaware, our absentee voting is provided for in our Constitution, and it is excused based. So, you have to say why you’re not voting. Now, one of the excuses is vacation, so I mean, it’s not like it’s a particularly difficult thing, but there are six. And basically, the General Assembly said, we don’t care that the Constitution says this; we want no excuse vote by mail. So, as a candidate, Nick Miles, my executive director currently, was my plaintiff; I had a Republican, a Democrat, and an independent because I didn’t want it to be a partisan issue, and we sued basically saying this is unconstitutional, won at the trial court. The state immediately appealed it, and we did an appeal in about three weeks, which is record fast for an appeal, but I argued, I think it was like October 6, before our November 8 election, and the Delaware Supreme Court affirmed it the very next day. So, they said it is unconstitutional. Now, why is that a big deal? Well, it helped in ’22, but in ’24, what that means is there’s no vote by mail in ’24 because in order to amend the Constitution, it takes two sessions, and each session is two years.

CONRADSON: And I know you told me about this, but President Trump won machine voting in 2020, right?

MURRAY: In 2020, President Trump won the machines in Delaware, and when I met him this past July, and he said to me, “How do we look?” And I said, “Primary? General?” and he said, “In the primary, no problem.” General election, I said, “you can win,” and he said, “Okay,” and I said, “You want to know why? ” and I said, “You beat him in 2020 on the machine vote; you lost because of vote by mail.” He said, “Okay.” I said, “There is no vote by mail in ’24,” and he said, “Why not?” And I said “Because I sued when I was running for Attorney General, and it’s unconstitutional.” He was like, “Why aren’t more states doing this?” And I said, “Well, in my case, it was a very pure constitutional issue.” And you know, I am an attorney. It was just something that super-fit my personality, and, you know, I joked with Steve Bannon after the decision came out and said, “So whoever the nominee is in ’24 can send me a Christmas card when they don’t have to deal with vote by mail in Delaware in ’24.”

CONRADSON: Talk about some other election security measures that your state GOP is taking to make sure, you know, something like what happened in Maricopa County recently where 60% of machines failed on election day, talk about other ways that you’re securing elections.

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MURRAY: I will tell you that one of the things that happened, even in the ’22 election in Delaware, we had nine polling places run out of ballots… So, when it happened in Arizona, we’re like, oh, wait a minute, this seems a little suspicious. So, I have a tremendous election integrity committee, and they are so in the weeds right now going through stuff, holding the board of elections accountable, making sure that the audits are happening, that we’re following the certifications that need to be done. We are able to focus just on absentee voting. So, it’s a much smaller percentage, but I mean it’s even things like I’m allowed to nominate somebody for the board of elections. I just did it earlier this week. I made sure that it’s somebody who gets it about election integrity. So, I mean, we are… knowledge is power. We are educating people about this, and even though, I mean I know people are worried about election integrity, but you absolutely still have to vote. Even if you’re worried about it, you have to show up. I had somebody say to me earlier, you have to show up and vote for somebody else to vote in your place. And I was like, Oh, that’s a great phrase. It’s true. It’s true.

CONRADSON: I’m not calling you infamous, but you are a part of the infamous 168 that’s going to be at the RNC convention. Tell me why isn’t the RNC taking stuff like this seriously, why isn’t the RNC pushing for efforts to ban no-excuse mail-in voting or to even secure elections like in Arizona where 60% of the machines fail?

MURRAY: There’s not a good answer to that. I mean, there just isn’t. I mean, I remember having a very heated conversation with the prior state chair about if we don’t talk about election integrity, we’re going to lose in ’22, and we did because Republicans did not show up and vote. So, the RNC needs to get on board with this with real measurable action. Now, they’re talking about bank your vote. You know, the bank your vote is about early voting, whether it’s absentee or in person. From an election integrity standpoint, I understand that people are like, that lets everybody know what’s going on, but the fact of the matter is, if it’s a vote, it’s a vote. So as a state party chair, I’m absolutely embracing bank your vote. You know, I mean, we had a special election in December, where we out-voted the Democrats in early voting, which now, I realized we don’t have very far to go back, only, you know, the last few election cycles, but still, I mean, I think that the RNC needs to really, really dig in on this. They haven’t I don’t have a good reason for why that is. But I can tell you that there are several of us here that are members of the 168, who are here on purpose because this is great information that we can then take to the RNC. And say why don’t you guys doing this? You know, and so I mean, it’s a strong group. You know, we are not subtle.

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