Biden Puts Union Workers in Vegas to Sleep as He Falsely Claims He Created 15 Million Brand New Jobs, Lies About Blacks and Hispanics (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Monday met with members of a local culinary union at Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The Culinary Union is the largest in Nevada with about 60,000 members statewide. It negotiates on behalf of its members for five-year contracts.” – the AP reported.

Biden met with the hospitality workers ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

These union workers likely had to show up to the event with Biden. Virtually no one would show up to listen to Biden’s low-energy rambling remarks on their own.

They looked like hostages.

“I came to say thank you — not just thank you for the support you’ve given me the last time out and this time, but thank you for having the faith in the union,” Biden told Local 226 Culinary workers at Vdara Hotel. “Thank you for continuing to push it because this really matters. It matters, it matters, it matters.”

The culinary workers looked like they would rather be anywhere else as Biden mumbled through his remarks.

“And so, we’re just on a roll here. We’ve created almost 15 million brand-new jobs just in three years. More than any president has in American history,” Biden said before he bungled his speech.

This is a brazen lie. Most of those jobs are just people going back to work after Democrats forcefully shut down businesses during Covid.

Biden struggled as he falsely claimed paychecks for black and Hispanic workers are up 40% and 50%.

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The look on their faces said it all.


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