POLL: Trump Still Dominates With 65% of Support in Nikki Haley’s Home State of South Carolina Ahead of February 24 Primary – Trump MORE THAN DOUBLES Haley in New Poll

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A new CBS/YouGov poll, conducted February 5-10, shows President Trump with an increasing lead in South Carolina, where Nikki Haley used to be governor.

The South Carolina Primary Election is slated for February 24.

Only 20% of likely GOP Primary voters say they are more likely to vote for Haley because she is from the state. Trump’s approval rating as president is more than 20 points higher than Nikki Haley’s approval rating as governor at 82% to 60%.

Trump is up from a recent January 24-26 poll, where he held 43% of the support from primary voters compared to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ 28%. DeSantis departed from the race on January 21 and endorsed Trump.

The new survey shows Trump more than doubling Nikki Haley’s support with 65% to 30%, and about nine in ten Trump voters are “firmly decided” on voting for Trump. Additionally, 76% say Haley is not “part of the ‘MAGA’ movement.”

And it shows. As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, around ten people showed up to greet Nikki Haley as she arrived in South Carolina for her two-week bus tour. Meanwhile, Donald Trump held a get-out-the-vote rally, far less costly than a bus tour, on the same day, and thousands turned out early to see the 45th President.

VIDEO: Measly Crowd Turn Out to See Nikki Haley’s Bus Arrive at South Carolina Stop including Grandma in a Lawn Chair

Yet, the GOP establishment is tossing tens of millions of campaign dollars away on a candidate nobody wants.

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In the most recent primary in Nevada, Trump won all 26 of the state’s delegates. Meanwhile, Haley lost to literally nobody by a landslide! The “None of These Candidates” option beat Haley by 30 points in the February 6 primary, which Trump did not participate in.

Before Nevada, Trump had a decisive victory in New Hampshire despite thousands of Democrats voting in the Republican Primary for Nikki Haley last month. And despite Democrats switching party affiliation to vote for Haley in Iowa’s first in the nation Caucus, Trump dominated, and the race was called within minutes after results started coming in.

Democrats are likely crossing party lines to vote for Haley because they believe she will lose to Biden in November. Likewise, only 33% of GOP Primary voters in South Carolina believe that Haley will beat Biden, while 55% see Trump as the definite General Election winner.

CBS News reports,

It turns out not all politics is local.

In South Carolina’s 2024 Republican primaryelection, most voters look back approvingly on Nikki Haley’s time as the state’s governor, but also say it doesn’t matter to them that she’s from the state — and instead say that they’re thinking nationally about the party’s nomination.

So, for that and many other reasons, Donald Trump has a very big advantage here, just as he does with Republicans nationally.

Plus, nearly half the party’s voters here identify as “MAGA” — in similar numbers to Republicans nationwide — and they don’t think Haley is part of that movement.

Going forward, Trump’s voters don’t seem open to change in the coming weeks — almost nine in 10 are “firmly decided” — leaving Haley’s arguments about things like electability or chaos struggling to find resonance.

77% of Republicans do not see the Biden Regime interfering with the election by indicting Trump as a reason to even consider Nikki Haley and 49% say Trump is still fit to serve as President if convicted of a crime. 29% say it “depends on [the]charge.”

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In terms of policy, a large majority of voters favor Trump’s policies surrounding the economy and the southern border, and more think that Trump will decrease military involvement overseas.

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President Trump will hold a rally tonight in North Charleston, South Carolina. Get your tickets here.

The Gateway Pundit will provide updates on the February 24 primary election in South Carolina.

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