Paranoid Pentagon now says “Russian nukes in space” will destroy America

The latest threat to the U.S., according to the pentagram-shaped Pentagon (Department of Defense), are Russian space sharks with nuclear-equipped laser beams attached to their heads.

Okay, so that was ZeroHedge‘s description, but the Pentagon really is warning about a “major, imminent, grave, terrifying security threat” that it claims involves Russian nuclear weapons that can blast America from space.

It probably has to do with that recent Tucker Carlson interview, but this newfound Russian threat appears to be the potential makings of yet another false flag attack on the U.S. from the deep state’s number-one bogeyman: Russia.

According to “two sources familiar with deliberations on Capitol Hill,” the intelligence community believes that Russia is sending nuclear weapons to space that will be able to take out satellites.

“Will this be the ‘event’ that triggers some increased crackdown on Russian ‘sympathisers?'” asks ZeroHedge, cutting to the heart of what this is probably actually really about. “Will this be the ‘event’ that warrants politicians to allow terrified Americans to vote by mail-in-ballot once again (because you’re safe from Russian space-nukes in your home)?”

“We will wait and see, but without a doubt the timing is a coincidence … and there’s no such thing as coincidence in Washington.”

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Post-Ukraine trip paranoia

It is an election year, after all, so we have come to expect these kinds of scare stories from the Washington spooks who are freaking out with utter paranoia right now at the bombshells being dropped that make them look bad.

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The Russian collusion hoax is one prominent bombshell that implicates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and likely many other establishment figureheads who have been committing crimes behind the scenes for years.

Donald Trump is their enemy, it would seem, and he is threatening to blow the lid on all their crimes by declassifying documents and showing the world what has really been going on behind closed doors, often on the taxpayer dime.

“Zero surprise at what will probably be ever-increasing National Security Risk theater up to the election,” one X user wrote mockingly about the Russian space-nuke-shark threat.

“It’s literally the only play left in the book to try to drum up some percentages of approval for Brandon, trying to scare news addicts.”

Since details about the Russian space nuke thing are classified – of course – nobody except those on the inside know for sure what is really going on. It can’t be all that serious, though, since House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) issued a statement that “there is no need for public alarm.”

“I saw [House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner’s (R-Ohio)] statement on the issue and I want to assure the American people,” Johnson added. “We are going to work together to address this matter as we do all sensitive matters that are classified.”

It was Turner, it turns out, who drummed up all this fresh fear about Russian space nukes. And what do you know, he just got back from a trip to visit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, having likely promised the former actor and stripper that more U.S. tax dollars will be coming his way soon.

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There are so many potential explanations as to the purpose of this fearmongering, one of the most obvious being that it could be a distraction from Biden’s disintegrating brain matter, or perhaps a desperate attempt to deflect from Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The way we solve this threat is by letting in more illegals and having our tax dollars pay for them,” someone joked on X.

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