San Vicente migrant camp in Darien Gap set ON FIRE, partially burns down

Oscar El Blue from Real America’s Voice is reporting that the infamous San Vicente migrant camp near Panama’s Darien Gap has suffered a significant fire event.

A migrant camp often covered by war correspondent Michael Yon, who has appeared on the Health Ranger Report numerous times, San Vicente, which is located just steps away from the jungle, went up in flames after about 250 migrants themselves set it ablaze while rioting and attacking the workers and servicers of the camp.

According to El Blue, there was an altercation between two migrant couples that escalated into a massive Black Lives Matter (BLM)-style melee. This ultimately led to the destruction of the camp, which is located in one of the most dangerous areas of the Americas where migrants travel.

“Authorities are saying that there was an altercation between two couples that escalated into 250 migrants rioting and basically vandalizing the whole installations, burning them down,” El Blue explains in the below video.

“These installations were the ones that we were just a few days ago documenting and bringing you guys the reality of what was happening inside of these migrant camps.”

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More than $3 million down the drain

El Blue says that 44 arrests have already been made among the 250 individuals responsible for burning down the shelter and in the process completely destroying all evidence in the database housed within the installations of the Service National Immigration and also of the Center for Authorities.

“This installation was valued at more than $3 million that was paid by the Panamanian taxpayer and also international organizations,” El Blue says about the dollar amount lost in the blaze.

“Not only did they burn the installations where they were living, where they had bunk beds, where they had mattresses, and all the amenities that they need to survive, but it was the most highly-qualified migrant camp,” El Blue added about the importance of this now-destroyed resource for migrants coming out of the Darien Gap.

What this means for the hordes of migrants that have yet to reach the area from South America is that there is no longer any place for them to rest and rejuvenate. The loss is great for them, and is only a “prelude for what will be happening in America” in the coming days, according to one person who responded to the above video on X.

Another expressed skepticism about the alleged “riot,” suggesting this is a cover for the intentional burning of the database in order to destroy evidence.

“Someone wanted to get rid of a lot of records,” wrote another.

Someone else asked how long it will be until this same kind of thing happens at a migrant processing center run by Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) agents, or at one of the non-governmental organizations (NGO) migrant camps here on U.S. soil.

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“Illegals break out into groups and gangs, just like they do in prison, and fight to be first in line for services or transport,” said someone else.

Because the Darien Gap is now a whole lot less safe than it was previously due to the destruction of the migrant camp, will it result in fewer migrants rushing the U.S. border? Find out more by visiting

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