AIDS caused by “gay lifestyle,” not HIV, says biologist

A German-American molecular biologist and professor at the University of California, Berkeley by the name of Peter Duesberg says that AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is not caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) but rather by the “gay lifestyle.”

Duesberg published a paper on the subject that was covered by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). His paper debunks the longtime claim that HIV is a trigger for AIDS, and that anyone can “catch” AIDS, including through “close contact” with family members as has long been claimed by Tony Fauci and the medical establishment.

Because HIV fulfills neither Koch’s classic postulates nor several other of his own postulates for viral pathogenesis, Duesberg says there is simply no proof that HIV causes AIDS. Duesberg appeared on a recent episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast to discuss his controversial findings.

“The humoral and cellular immune deficiency is the basis for the development of opportunistic infections and tumors,” the NIH “response” paper to Duesberg’s claims explains.

“Because of a multitude of different bacterial, viral, and parasitic opportunistic agents, AIDS is typified by a number of divergent clinical symptoms. As with many lentiviruses, HIV is difficult to demonstrate in the organism, especially in asymptomatic carriers.”

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“Poppers” and gay sex cause AIDS

Evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein also appeared with Rogan to discuss his supportive claim that HIV does not, in fact, play a causal role in AIDS as is widely claimed. Instead, AIDS is caused by “party drugs” and other irresponsible behaviors often engaged in by members of the homosexual community.

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Weinstein says the evidence to support this claim is “surprisingly compelling,” adding that HIV in and of itself is harmless, as are all other retroviruses. Instead, AIDS is caused by illicit drug use and other factors that suppress immunity, including malnutrition and poverty. As for HIV, it is simply an innocuous “fellow traveler,” as he called it.

Unprotected gay “sex” with multiple partners is another major factor linked to AIDS, as is the recreational drug abuse that often accompanies it. So-called “poppers” are a drug that many homosexual men use while engaging in promiscuous behavior, and such drugs are linked to immunosuppression, which in turn gives way to AIDS infection.

All of this lends credence to the original theory that AIDS is a gay disease, and not a causal contact disease like Fauci and others falsely claimed. Fauci et al. lied about AIDS from the very beginning because they needed Americans to care about AIDS in order to generate more support for finding a lucrative “cure.”

“The media blew smoke up everyone’s butts telling us that AIDS was going to explode because it was supposedly passed via hetero sex and causal contact,” wrote a commenter at Revolver on a story about the controversy. “These were lies to advance the gay agenda.”

“It’s just like how they removed homosexual acts from the DSM manual where for millennia it was considered disordered and psychologically maladaptive,” responded another. “Only politics removed it.”

“Crazy that it was Fauci then and Fauci now,” said another about how Fauci was instrumental in bringing AIDS to the forefront of the American psyche back in the 1980s. “He again said there was only one treatment that worked, just like he did with COVID. Someone needs to be arrested!”

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Another who claims he was a psych student at the time AIDS appeared remembers when scientists were at odds with one another about how to handle homosexuality in terms of it being a disease.

“A lot of good scientists opposed it but were told, ‘what harm does it do to destigmatize the phenomenon?'” this person wrote. “It was more a call for sympathy than science.”

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