“The Man Behind the Mask in Tonight’s SOTU Charade Is This Angry Foul Creature” – James Woods Unloads on ‘Forked Tongue” Joe Biden in Runup to Tonight’s Speech

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Actor James Woods unloaded on Joe Biden in the runup to tonight’s SOTU speech.

There is no one like James Woods who can put into words what we all are feeling.

The man behind the mask in tonight’s State of the Union charade is this angry foul creature below.

He will dodge all responsibility for the border catastrophe that is solely his doing. He will ignore the inflation crippling American families. He will blame the gang violence destroying America’s cities on the fictitious “white supremacy” of heartland Americans.

And he will do it all with the same forked tongue he has used to slither through half a century of politics, corruption, and lies.

He is the worst person ever ensconced in the Oval Office.

Preach it, James. Preach!

Source material can be found at this site.

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