CNN Host Stunned to Learn Biden Administration Hasn’t Reached Out to Family of Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Withdrawal (VIDEO)

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The mother-in-law of a female soldier who was killed in Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan recently appeared on CNN and the host mistakenly assumed that Biden had reached out to their family.

When the woman noted that they have never heard from anyone in the Biden administration, the host seemed stunned by the news.

No one else would be surprised to learn this, but people at CNN live in a bubble where Biden is some great man of empathy.

Here’s how the exchange goes, via Twitchy:

CNN anchor left STUNNED when gold star mom says that Biden has NEVER reached out to her family about her daughter-in-law’s death.

CNN: “He’s often called the ‘Consoler in Chief.’ He does talk to families who’ve lost loved ones…Have you experienced that from him?”

Christy Shamblin: “No.”

CNN: “Have you spoken to him?”

Christy Shamblin: “No. He’s not reached out to our family. We’ve actually reached out to the White House and have never heard back. We asked to meet with them…We’ve not received a response. It’s been months.”

CNN: “Sorry to hear that.”

Watch the exchange below:

Joe Biden has actually never spoken about the soldiers who were killed in this incident.

Again, no one is shocked by this except people like the CNN host. The corporate media is not dealing in reality.

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