California GLITCH SWITCH: Steve Garvey robbed of votes in real time, still advances to CA Senate elections in November

California’s U.S. Senate primary race just concluded last week and in a deep blue state where Democratic voters outnumber Republicans 2-1, former L.A. Dodger star Steve Garvey ran against three Democrats and came in a close second to Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff. As per the Associated Press, the Schiff-Garvey matchup resulted in 38 percent of the expected votes counted Tuesday night.

However, a watchdog account on X, formerly Twitter, shared a very important observation during the live counting of votes. @MJTruthUltra opened the social media post with: “Every Californian needs to understand what just happened. You’re Redder thank you think” and proceeded to expose how Garvey got robbed of votes in real-time counting, “Steve Garvey was leading Adam Schiff with 1.8 million votes. And just like that, it was cut in half,” the post said. “This is called the Glitch Switch. And Adam Schiff got more votes in the end by a razor-thin margin. Almost statistically impossible.”

The final count was 1,247,723 or 33.2 percent for Schiff and 1,220,683 or 32.5 percent for Garvey. He continued to point out that, it was an algorithm that is trying to figure out the math problem that is “YOU.” “Elections are an additive process, never negative. Each raw data interval of reported votes should be an additive process and you shouldn’t see any deletions or oscillations.”

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The video below will best show how the rigging happened right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Despite this, people from the Golden State still consider this a “miracle.” Garvey, 74, is the best statewide Republican prospect to come along in decades. He has never held public office, but it looks like he knows how to win a tough fight. In the primary, the odds were stacked heavily against him in every way. He only entered the race in October, took out no TV ads, staged no major events and raised only $2 million compared with the $30 million Schiff blew on his campaign.

Garvey focused his primary campaign on sensible, down-the-middle fastball things such as quality-of-life issues, education and public safety, according to observers. His chances of beating Schiff and getting in the U.S. Senate may be slim. But, as he said in his victory speech Tuesday night, it’s the first game of a double-header, and there still are a lot of innings to play.

The former Major League Baseball player celebrated with cheering supporters at a hotel in Palm Desert, his hometown, where he warned Schiff not to underestimate him despite the state’s Democratic tilt. He said he would run a campaign that would appeal across party lines, focusing on inflation, the state’s unchecked homeless crisis and rising crime rates in cities.

On Tuesday, Garvey expressed optimism about the campaign to come for the seat once occupied by the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It’s a rare opportunity for the GOP to compete in a marquee statewide race in this Democratic stronghold. Garvey’s low-key campaign and scant public appearances worked for him in the primary, but voters will be expecting more in a general election. “They say in the general election that we’re going to strike out,” Garvey said. “Know this: It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

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Meanwhile, Schiff’s victory party was marred by raucous protesters who shouted “Free Palestine” and “Cease fire now.” They were forcing the congressman to attempt to speak over them as they continued bellowing. Appearing not-so-comfortable, Schiff took several pauses and he seemed to hurry his remarks.

Democrats stunned by Garvey’s “statistical tie” with Schiff: Fox’s Steve Hilton

The left-wingers in California were massively surprised with the results of the primaries between the ex-baseball first baseman player who came in a ‘statistical tie’ with their top Democrat senatorial bet.

According to “Golden Together” founder and Fox News contributor Steve Hilton, who spoke at “America’s Newsroom,” the turn of events has Democrats caught off guard as Golden State voters battle statewide issues stemming from immigration and homelessness. “They’re massively surprised because they’re incredibly arrogant,” Hilton told the host Dana Perino. (Related: Survey reveals dissatisfaction among Californians for Biden and Congress ahead of 2024 elections.)

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