The “Bloodbath” Hoax – Backfiring – Media Ratings Will Plunge So Will Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers (VIDEO)

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This is an emergency Sunday edition of “Stinchfield” to dissect the mainstream media’s reaction to President Trump’s “bloodbath” comments. The media’s twisting of Donald Trump’s words, using them out of context, is proof we no longer have a media in this country. The corporate media amounts to nothing more than a propaganda arm of the radical left.

I break down ABC’s Martha Raddatz’s coverage of Trump’s Ohio rally, and I will show you the most popular of the media lies. Lying by omission.

And Nancy Pelosi jumps onboard the “Bloodbath Hoax” as her words come back to haunt her. “The wrap up smear” campaign exposed and explained as only Nancy Pelosi can do.

Joe Biden will suffer a “Bloodbath” at the polls come November, the devious media will play a large role in costing him the election. The people are on to the leftist shenanigans.

Source material can be found at this site.

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