Heroes of the Day: Sen. Eric Schmitt, Gov. Jeff Landry, AG Andrew Bailey, and AG Liz Murrill

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The “most important free speech case in a generation” Missouri v. Biden, is set to be heard by the Supreme Court on Monday morning, March 18th.

** You can listen in to the Supreme Court oral arguments at the Supreme Court website here.

The Plaintiffs in this case include three prominent doctors, a news website, a healthcare activist, and two states.

Senator Eric Schmitt, who launched this lawsuit as Attorney General along with Jeff Landry of Louisiana, tweeted this out on the historic lawsuit.

Missouri v. Biden is the case filed by the courageous Attorneys General from Missouri – Eric Schmitt – and Louisiana’s – Jeff Landry – against the Biden Administration for their violations of the First Amendment. Specifically, the case complains to the Court that the federal government violated the Constitution when it specifically directed social media companies to delete comments they disliked, and when the FBI’s corrupt agents, agents like Elvis Chan, engaged in a wholesale deplatforming of specific users, specific comments, and specific topics.

The government was purposefully censoring truthful information.

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The scale of the censorship regime is massive.

This is a critical key point because the government prefers to lie and say this case is about ‘disinformation’ but in this case, it was about the government limiting the spread and existence of truthful information.

Our corrupt federal officials have even been caught demanding social media companies delete comments unfavorable to foreign governments like Ukraine.

The mainstream media has dishonestly framed this case as “limiting communications” or “contacts” between the government and social media companies, here, here, and here. They don’t explain that the ‘communication’ and ‘contact’ was the federal government requesting the deletion of specific, truthful comments and speech from their systems.

Free speech groups ask how can there be a First Amendment if the federal government can use its enormous coercive powers to demand private companies to purposefully suppress the speech of people that the government wants to silence.

Today the oral arguments will take place in the Supreme Court and then in weeks the Court will decide if Americans still have the right to free speech. We will find out if our government can infringe on those rights.

Today, The Gateway Pundit wants to give special honor and thanks to Eric Schmitt and Jeff Landry for launching this investigation against the Biden administration as Attorneys General in Missouri and Louisiana.

Today Eric is the junior US Senator from Missouri and Jeff Landry is the Governor of Louisiana.

We also want to thank Attorneys General Andrew Bailey from Missouri and Liz Murrill from Louisiana for continuing this important investigation after their predecessors moved on to higher office.

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Thank you to all of these exceptional officials for their endless hours of work and dedication to truth.


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