Biden Shamelessly Panders to Latinos, Claims Cesar Chavez Got Him Involved in Politics (VIDEO)

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After spending the day in Nevada, Biden traveled to Phoenix, Arizona in an effort to shore up Latino support.

Latino voters are leaving the Democrat party which could spell trouble for Joe Biden in Arizona and Nevada.

Joe Biden pandered to Latinos in Phoenix on Tuesday by claiming he got involved in politics because of Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez, a “hero” to people in the labor movement, was an activist who fought for fair wages for farm workers.

One aspect of Cesar Chavez’s activism that Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t like to talk about was his fierce opposition to illegal immigration.

Biden absurdly claimed Cesar Chavez got him involved in politics.

Joe Biden has previously claimed he got involved in politics because of civil rights, voting, the environment, Vietnam, redlining, white supremacists, a highway, being a public defender, Bull Connor’s dogs, and much more.


Biden is a total fraud who will say anything for power.

He has spent over 50 years lying about anything and everything.

Here is a compilation of Biden lying about what got him into politics:

Source material can be found at this site.

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