Ben Shapiro, Israeli intelligence, and Express VPN: a tangled web of deception and corruption, says “Lowkey” analyst

He branded himself as an independent, right-wing journalist and commentator who rose from the bottom to now run one of the most well-known conservative media outlets in America. But The Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro is anything but a grassroots phenomenon.

Danny Haiphong spoke with YouTube’s “Lowkey” recently about Shapiro’s true background as an Israeli billionaire-funded golden boy whose right-leaning media empire never would have been possible without lots of funding from the one percent.

“Israel has established networks or journalists that it works with,” Lowkey explains in the interview, which you can watch below. “There’s a plethora of operations being launched to subjugate different media platforms all the time by Israel and its proxies all around the world.”

“In the case of Ben Shapiro, you have an interesting convergence here of independent media-sphere being hijacked by pro-Israel interests. Ben Shapiro is essentially an Israeli military asset.”

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Ben Shapiro, an Israeli psy-op

The canning of Owens by Shapiro certainly took the former by surprise as in her last episode, she indicated that she was planning to film another. This points to there being an ideological reason for her sudden removal, and that reason has to do with her position on Israel.

According to Lowkey, The Daily Wire is funded by Express VPN, which is sole-owned by Kate Technologies, which is owned and run by Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi “who donates millions for the transport of Israeli soldiers.”

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The current CEO of Kate Technologies, which funds The Daily Wire, is a veteran of the Israeli intelligence Duvdevan Unit that disguised itself as Palestinians before running into a hospital in Gaza and assassinating several people.

“When you look at the trajectory of Ben Shapiro’s career, far from being a grassroots expression of organic groundswell as an independent journalist, what you actually have is a long line of billionaires who have funded his push,” Lowkey explains, calling it a “psychological operation that works lock-in-step with Israeli objectives, but also with the U.S. government – especially under the Trump years.”

Before the founding of The Daily Wire, Shapiro was funded by Robert Shillman, a tech billionaire on the board of the Friends of the IDF – “the largest organization which funnels hundreds of millions of dollars every year from the United States directly into the Israeli occupation forces,” Lowkey says.

Shapiro’s earnings came from Shillman in the pre-Daily Wire years, and today, of course, come from the multi-million-dollar Daily Wire empire he runs, which is also funded by the pro-Israel lobby.

“Ben Shapiro has constantly positioned himself as delivering the propaganda necessary to achieve particular objectives for Israel’s policies,” Lowkey maintains, presenting evidence, some of which has been scrubbed from the internet.

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“This is the mainstay of the Zionist movement: the genocidal depopulation of Palestine and a constant war of attrition against the indigenous population.”

Shapiro has played a key role in perpetuating the Zionist movement through his media empire and even prior. And he would not have had this ability, or still have it today, were it not for constant cash infusions from Zionist sources.

“We currently have operating a trilateral security state: the complete immersion and the complete welding of Britain, the United States, and Israel – and that’s a security relationship,” Lowkey says.

Lowkey discusses so much more about Zionism, what it means, and how Shapiro and The Daily Wire continue to push its demographic replacement agenda in the Middle East – be sure to watch the full interview above.

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