REPORT: ‘Freaked Out’ Democrats in Total Panic That RFK Will Take Votes Away From Biden in November

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Democrats are ‘freaked out’ over the possibility that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will take votes away from Joe Biden and ultimately help Trump win the 2024 election, according to a new report from NBC News.

Dems are terrified of a repeat of the 2016 election, where Green party candidate Jill Stein took votes away from Hillary Clinton in states like Wisconsin.

Isn’t that just democracy? Don’t Democrats care about democracy? That’s what they’ve been telling the country for five or more years now.

From NBC News:

‘Freaked out’ Democrats mobilize to stop RFK Jr. from cutting into Biden

In fall 2016, a Hillary Clinton staffer stationed in the Upper Midwest got a call from the campaign’s headquarters in Brooklyn telling him to delete a joke he had tweeted about then-Green Party nominee Jill Stein…

This year, though, Democrats have adopted a radically different strategy on independent and third-party candidates. They’re waging an open war on the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whom they view as mortal threats to President Joe Biden’s re-election.

There are brand new super PACs — plural — devoted to crushing third-party candidates. Democratic National Committee mobile billboards troll Kennedy at events. And party donors are funding legal efforts to try to keep him off the ballot…

“Everyone thinks this is going to be decided on the head of a pin, so people are freaked out like never before,” said one senior Democrat, granted anonymity to speak candidly.

Democrats have grown increasingly alarmed by Kennedy’s strength in polls, especially since he named Silicon Valley philanthropist Nicole Shanahan as his running mate. Not only could she fund the cash-strapped campaign, but her selection and the way the campaign introduced her signaled that Kennedy is positioning himself more on the left in the 2024 campaign.

RFK recently appeared on the Jesse Watters’ show and commented on what the Democrats are doing.

It’s almost like the Democrats don’t actually care about democracy. Almost.

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