RINOs Paul Singer and Kevin McCarthy behind orchestrated removal of Trump from 2024 ballot

The hidden Republican agenda to stop Donald Trump from taking back the White House in 2024 has two names primarily driving it: Paul Singer and Kevin McCarthy.

Singer and McCarthy are RINOs, which stands for ‘Republican in name only.’ They pretend to support the Republican cause, but when anyone emerges to threaten the establishment – someone like Trump, for instance – they work against him to maintain the status quo.

Right now, there is a mass retirement problem plaguing the Republican Party. And a number of these retirees – six of the 14 who are retiring after their current term, to be precise – are funded by Singer, described as a “Never-Trump GOP megadonor.”

Singer has a documented history of trying to undermine Trump’s political efforts. Singer funded Marco Rubio’s failed run against Trump in 2016 by lobbing $2.5 million in political donations to the “Our Principles” PAC. Singer is also behind the infamous Steele Dossier concocted by Fusion GPS.

Now, Singer is working overtime to try to get Trump’s name axed from the 2024 ballot so American voters are unable to vote for him. This will all but ensure another Joe Biden “win” – or perhaps a Kamala Harris win, should Biden somehow not make it to November.

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Taking down Trump

As for McCarthy, he was recently ousted by the Trump-supporting wing of the Republican Party, this after assuming he would become the next Speaker of the House, cut from the same cloth as RINO and former speaker Paul Ryan.

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) helped spearhead the destruction of McCarthy’s grandiose visions of becoming the next Speaker of the House, humiliating McCarthy and getting him removed from his position on Oct. 3, 2023.

McCarthy ended up leaving the House of Representatives before his term expired, but it cannot go unstated that McCarthy was previously being funded by, you guessed it: Singer.

“Through the National Republican Congressional Committee, or NRCC, Take Back The House 2022 PAC, the McCarthy Victory Fund, the Kevin McCarthy for Congress campaign account, and the Majority Committee PAC, Singer has donated over $1.8 Million to McCarthy since 2020 alone,” reports Slingshot News.

“In 2019, Singer gave $1,000,000 to McCarthy’s Congressional Leadership Fund PAC, a donation that was covered by OpenSecrets in an article at the time. McCarthy and Singer have a long relationship, dating back to Singer’s first donation to the California Republican in 2014.”

It turns out that Singer also contributed to Ryan, McCarthy’s protégé, back in 2016, having given Ryan nearly $250,000. The billionaire hedge fund manager is also said to be hedging his bets on McCarthy for quite a number of years now.

Speaking to Jesse Watters of Fox News recently, McCarthy proclaimed that Republicans “lost the majority” in the House of Representatives after removing him as speaker. McCarthy repeatedly emphasized his disdain for the current state of the House.

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By quitting early, McCarthy, along with the three other Republicans who have also left office before the end of their term, appears to be paving the way for Democrats to regain control. McCarthy and these other RINOs would rather have a Democrat-controlled House than a Trump-controlled House, in other words.

What Singer and McCarthy do not want is a House of Representatives controlled by Republicans who support Trump in any way, shape, or form. What they want is a RINO-controlled House, just like the old days – but the old days are not the current days.

“It seems apparent that Kevin McCarthy, and his establishment GOP megadonor Paul Singer, are orchestrating this collapse of Republican control in the House,” reports indicate. “Some would call it the revenge of the RINO.”

The RINOs will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from taking back the White House. Find out more at Trump.news.

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