Greg Gutfeld On ‘Death To America’ Chants in Michigan: Why Are We Respecting Anti-American Behavior? (VIDEO)

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It has been widely reported that there were chants of ‘death to America’ at a recent event in Michigan. It’s the sort of thing we’re used to hearing from Iran but not in our own country.

During The Five on FOX News this week, Greg Gutfeld talked about this issue and where he sees this going. He suggests that the problem is going to get worse as left-leaning cities will be come mini-Gazas throughout the country.

He also asks why we are putting up with it.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

I get the impression with the “Death To America” stuff that we are on a slow roll toward our own little Gazas. These little islands of unrest in the country. These were places that were sacrificed to leftism. Leftisms, where laws were discarded. Identity and division became the currency. Look at Minneapolis since George Floyd. It’s never been the same. It’s all these enclaves.

We were supposed to be a melting pot. But that requires melting. And instead what we are seeing is a hardening. It is a hardening. And we are always accused of xenophobia if we exalt our country’s awesomeness or make fun of another country’s customs. Fair enough. I get it. But it’s a two-way street. If you come here and reject assimilation, free speech, cooperation with people different than you.

Those are our values and if you reject them, you are xenophobic, you are anti-American. It’s not illegal, I guess. But why are we respecting it and why are we encouraging it? Leftism encourages this sort of behavior. It’s time for the adults to enter the room and basically change the conversation or these cities are gone.

Watch the video below:

Americans are very tolerant people but everyone is losing their patience with the radical left.

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