New Bill in Tennessee Would Require Gun Safety Courses to be Taught in Public Schools

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Lawmakers in Tennessee have passed a new bill which would require the teaching of gun safety courses in public schools. It now heads to the desk of the governor.

This would be a major win for the Second Amendment and the people of Tennessee. If it passes into law, it could also become a model for other states.

This would also be considered a win by conservatives who are tired of seeing public schools increasingly focus on ‘woke’ social justice content instead of the basics.

FOX News reported:

Public school students in this state could soon be required to take gun safety courses

The Tennessee state legislature passed a bill, which is now headed to the governor’s desk, requiring public schools to teach “age-appropriate and grade-appropriate” gun safety courses to students starting next year.

“We see this proposed legislation as a critical step in averting firearm related accidents while fostering greater awareness and responsibility among gun owners,” the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Chris Todd, a Republican, said in a February hearing.

The Tennessee Senate passed HB 2882 in a 24-3 vote on Thursday after the bill made its way through the House in February. If signed by Gov. Bill Lee, the courses will begin in the 2025-2026 school year.

The gun safety classes would be taught primarily through videos and online resources and would teach things like firearm storage, school safety, and how to avoid getting hurt if a student finds a gun and to immediately notify an adult if a gun is found. The bill stipulates the lessons will “not include the use or presence of live ammunition, live fire, or live firearms.”

Tennessee Democrats are outraged, naturally.

Republican controlled legislatures across the country should consider following Tennessee’s lead on this.

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