Shameless Liar Whoopi Goldberg Says Republicans Want to Bring Back Slavery (VIDEO)

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Whoopi Goldberg recently said on The View that Republicans want to bring back slavery.

This is a vicious lie that is meant to sow fear and also betrays Whoopi’s ignorance of American history. The Republican party was founded to end slavery in the United States, which was supported by Democrats. Why would Republicans want to bring back something that they fought to end?

This is just like when Biden famously said to black voters that Mitt Romney wants to ‘put y’all back in chains.’

This is all the left has now. Telling lies to scare people into voting Democrat.

Breitbart News reports:

Whoopi Goldberg: Republicans Want to ‘Bring Slavery Back’

Whoopi Goldberg told her co-hosts Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that some Republicans would like to “bring slavery back” during the panel discussion of the Arizona Supreme Court’s ruling reinstating an 1864 abortion ban.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “I believe a lot of elected Republicans are completely out of step with the sentiment of the country because we’ve seen in Kansas, a very red state, Ohio, and Kentucky that Republicans turned out to protect access to abortion so this is a big win for Democrats I believe in the election.”

Goldberg said, “Take a look at the things that they’re rolling back. Remember I said ages ago, you know, in their minds they want to bring slavery back. They’re okay with it because you see things change — now one of the good things about the Supreme Court is you can fight to make sure you make stuff better. You don’t generally fight to make stuff worse.”

Here’s the video:

Did you know that The View is part of the ABC News division?

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It’s easily the most politically toxic show on television and it constantly spreads misinformation.

Source material can be found at this site.

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