Rumblings point to impending San Andreas earthquake – is New Madrid next?

“The big one” is soon to come in the state of California as scientists warn that the infamous San Andreas fault line is waking up.

Right on schedule after the second Great American Eclipse, the San Andreas, for which Hollywood movies have been made, is showing signs of an upcoming “tremor,” as Metro (United Kingdom) reported.

The tiny California town of Parkfield, which sits atop the San Andreas seismic zone, is considered the “earthquake capital of the world.” And it is there that experts say the epicenter of the next major California earthquake might occur.

Parkfield sits about dead center between San Francisco and Los Angeles in Central California. The San Andreas fault itself runs north and south, passing through San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Palm Springs, and also runs close to Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego.

There are other fault lines that intersect with and cross the San Andreas as well, touching nearly every major city across the Golden State.

According to Luca Malagnini, director of research at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, seismic measurements in Parkfield have been odd as of late. He suspects that there will be an earthquake somewhere this year, though the epicenter may not be Parkfield.

Since 2021, variations in attenuation measurements have dropped substantially. The last time this happened, there was a rupture along the fault (Sept. 28, 2004).

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“We are waiting,” Malagnini said ominously about these developments.

As far as geology goes, predicting earthquakes along the San Andreas is a somewhat easy task. Earthquakes occur there generally every 22 years, which suggests the next big one may be in 2026.

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However, the current situation is different in that the usual pressure-relieving pre-quakes that would have occurred by now have not, which means a big one is probably imminent.

“The behavior of the attenuation parameter in the last few years seems substantially different from the one that characterized the years prior to the 2004 mainshock,” Malagnini revealed in a recent study.

(Related: Back in February, nearly 1,000 post-atmospheric river earthquakes were detected in California and Nevada, which further points to the San Andreas and other Western fault lines waking up.)

Earthquakes in diverse places

The New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), the epicenter of which lies at the intersection of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois, is another area of great concern, especially since it has been active as of late in the leadup to the second Great American Eclipse.

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Since a past eclipse predicated a major NMSZ quake back in 1811-12, some have speculated that perhaps the recent eclipse will predicate another big one in the same area, affecting large swaths of the South and Midwest.

In recent weeks, the NMSZ has been surprisingly active with many small quakes being detected right at the epicenter.

There was also the unusual 4.8 earthquake that struck New York and New Jersey just prior to the second Great American Eclipse, which some see as an ominous foreboding of worse quakes to come.

Matthew 24:7 warns about this, stating that in the end of days nation would rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and that there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places.

With the massive cicada event still coming in the following days, not to mention the prospect of nuclear war between Israel and Iran, the stage does seem to be set for some major shaking, including seismically across the United States where X now marks the spot for judgment and destruction.

It is not a matter of if but when, as far as “the big one” striking California and the Midwest. Find out more at

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