Wall Street Journal Poll: Trump Has Nearly Doubled Support Among Black Men and Women Since 2020

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In 2020, Donald Trump made significant gains among black voters. In 2024, the numbers are even greater.

According to a new Wall Street Journal poll, Trump’s support among black men and women has doubled since 2020.

Many people are attributing these gains to the crisis at the southern border, which is now seriously impacting American cities across the country, as well as inflation and the Biden economy.

Breitbart News reports:

WSJ Poll: Donald Trump Nearly Doubles Support Among Black Men and Women Since 2020

Thirty percent of black men and 11 percent of black women intend to vote for former President Donald Trump in 2024, Wall Street Journal polling found Thursday, which is a significant increase from 2020 data.

Losing black support would be a blow to President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

Only 12 percent of black men voted for Trump in 2020, voting data shows. There is no compatible 2020 polling for black men.

In 2020, six percent of black women said they would vote for Trump, Associated Press polling found, five points less than the Journal‘s 2024 polling.

In more good news for Trump, 42 percent of black women remain up for grabs in 2024, the Journal survey showed…

This news should worry Democrats and the Biden campaign.

This development shouldn’t be too surprising. Everyone is suffering under Biden, regardless of color.

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