After Several Days of a Coordinated Media Smear Campaign – Germany’s AfD Foreign Politician Petr Bystron Becomes Target of Death Threat and Blackmail

By Johann Leonhard

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Petr Bystron

After days of agitation in the European mainstream media, the popular AfD politician Petr Bystron has now become the target of a death threat combined with blackmail. As BILD reports, Bystron’s Bundestag office in Berlin received an anonymous letter with the text: “…if you value your life, then you quickly collect €100,000 and call here…”

The blackmailer insulted the AfD foreign politician as an “asshole” and added a collage with Bystron’s photo with a painted Hitler beard. The Bundestag police are taking the matter seriously and have started investigations (file number Vg/949/2024). The AfD politician said to the German Newspaper BILD of the death threat: “These are the fruits of the smear campaign of the last few days. I ask Czech Prime Minister Fiala: ‘Is this what you wanted to achieve?’”

Several insider authorities in Prague are accusing Czech Prime Minister Fiala of being personally responsible for mentioning Bystron’s name in connection with an affair surrounding the news portal “Voice of Europe.” At the beginning of last week, the Czech secret service made it public that it suspected two Ukrainians of covert propaganda for Russia. The accusations of collaborating with the portal and even taking money were directed against six European parties, all of which are against the war in Ukraine.

Bystron told the Czech newspaper BLESK that this was revenge for his appearances at the anti-government demonstrations in Prague, such as the demonstration on Wenceslas Square last year, where hundreds of thousands of Czechs cheered the AfD politician and at the same time loudly demanded the resignation of the hated Fiala government. According to the latest surveys, only 2% of its own citizens trust the Czech government.

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Investigative journalists Michael Shellenberger and Gregor Baszak recently reported in the magazine “Public” that during the EU elections, state-financed NGOs such as “Correctiv” were used by the respective governments to create sentiment against the opposition in the run-up to the EU elections the respective countries. On behalf of NATO, they are supposed to publicly discredit the opposition forces fighting against the war in Ukraine with disinformation. In Germany, this particularly affects the AfD. The campaign against Bystron was also carried out in the Czech Republic by the local counterpart to Correctiv, “Dennik N” and the NGO “European Values,” which is financed by the USA and Soros.

The Schellenberg report unmasked the campaign in which Soros-NGOs and Czech intelligence services joined forces to fabricate a news story aimed at six European populist parties. Among them was the only true opposition party in Germany – the AfD (Alternative for Germany), with prominent figures in the line of fire. Our well-known friend Petr Bystron and his colleague Maximilian Krah, two leading candidates on the AfD election list for the European Parliament were named. Since the AfD is expecting to get around 20 seats, both are eager to join the ranks of the conservative movement in Brussels to fight the globalists on their home court.

Nevertheless, those facts don’t stop various German media as Spiegel and BILD from continuing the agitation against Bystron and accusing him of “dubious Kremlin contacts” and calling him a “Putin friend”, in spite of the fact, that Bystron never met Putin once (in contrast to Donald Trump) and did not express any expressions of friendship with Putin and only visited Moscow during an official business trip together with party head Alice Weidel. Bystron commented: “Everyone who has stood up for Germany’s interests in the last two years has been defamed as a Putin hooker. Anyone who advocated for U.S. interests was hailed as the great savior of Ukraine. Both are wrong.” The strategy of the campaign is quite clear: Portray the promising right-wing candidates as “Russian agents” and propaganda-slingshots.

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Smear-Campaign presented by NATO?

In his report Shellenberger writes, Soros-funded NGOs like the German “Correctiv” and the “Institute for Strategic Dialogue” are de-facto “military and intelligence front groups spreading disinformation about German farmers and politicians”. He goes on to say: “Government, military and intelligence agencies are engaged in essentially political activities unrelated to national security and thus illegal.”

Particularly interesting for our case is the revelation, that this covert operation aims at German politicians and critical voices against the Ukraine war:

“Both NATO-funded and government-funded NGOs are working with government bodies to interfere in German elections. Their “influence operation” aims to keep Germany in line with American foreign policy objectives and undermine the European peace movement.”

It is in this context that the attacks on AfD-lawmakers Petr Bystron and Maximilian Krah make sense. The narrative is basically this: Bystron, Krah and other conservatives around Europe supposedly took bribes from Russia funnelled through a news-outlet called “Voice of Europe” with its main office in Prague. The evidence? Less than zero!

The agitation has reached its sad climax with the death threat against Bystron. Hopefully, it won’t go as far as the case with party leader Tino Chrupalla. He was stung by Antifa radicals with a syringe containing an unknown substance at an election campaign event,

Source material can be found at this site.

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