Here’s the Poll That Has Democrats Panicked About the 2024 Election

There have been multiple polls in recent months that show Trump leading Joe Biden in the swing states and those polls are making Democrats very nervous, but another new poll has some Democrats much more worried.

This poll has to do with voter identification. Democrats have had a strong advantage on this for years but that has changed.

The split between Americans who identify as Democrat vs. Republican is now almost perfectly even.

Nick Arama reports at RedState:

Fascinating Poll Shows Another Major Voter Shift That Brings Good News for GOP

Since the 90s, when Republicans last had a lead in voter identification, there had been a shift toward people identifying as Democrats until there were 5 percent more voters identifying as Democrats than Republicans in 2020.

But now there appears to have been a shift back toward the right, according to a just-released Pew Research Center analysis comparing the numbers for the last twenty years until 2023.

However, the Pew results from 2023 reveal a significant shift in party affiliation this cycle, reporting that 49% of voters identify as Democrat or leaning Democrat, while 48% identify as Republican or leaning Republican.

Additionally, about 33% of respondents said they identify as being conservative or moderate in 2023, while the other side of the aisle only sees 23% identifying as liberal Democrats or leaning liberal.

That means Democrats had been five points up and now it’s almost even, and now more identifying as conservative than liberal as well.

Take a look at the breakdown below:

All of that is bad news for Democrats and great news for Trump and Republicans. The country is trending to the right.

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