LGBTZ? Top five things the destructive philosophies of transgenderism and zionism have in common

Is it time to add a “Z” to LGBT?

Here are the top five things transgenderism and zionism have in common:

1. Both transgenderism and zionism destroy children. Transgenderism mutilates children through surgery, chemical castration and psychological damage. Zionism bombs children to death as they sleep in their beds. After bombing entire families to death, zionists then declare those families to be “Hamas” so they can claim they are destroying Hamas terrorists.

2. They both demand absolute obedience to their twisted agendas. Transgenderism demands you participate in the mass mental illness of men who think they’re women. Zionism demands you support their genocidal agendas of mass death, or you will be labeled an “anti-Semite.”

3. They both push for legislation to criminalize any criticism of their nefarious actions. New laws to protect transgenderism are called “hate speech” laws, pretending that it’s loving to be a pedophile or groomer, but it’s hateful to reject the child abuse. Meanwhile, zionists are pushing for new legislation (even in the USA) that would criminalize any criticism of Israel’s horrific mass slaughter campaigns and their deliberate targeting and killing of food aid workers and Palestinian civilians. With legal immunity, zionism would operate with impunity while carrying out mass murder on an ever-increasing scale, much like Big Pharma.

4. They are both run by globalists and are waging a war against humanity: Transgenderism is a globalism agenda to destroy families, promote mass mental illness and destabilize generations of children. Zionism is also a globalist agenda rooted in ethnic supremacy and the existence of a “master race” who believe they are “chosen by God” to carry out ethnic cleansing and coordinated theft of land and resources for the benefit of globalists.

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5. They are both dominated by evil, satanic, arrogant people who reject the real teachings of Christ: Transgenderism is closely allied with satanism and rejects nearly all teachings of Christ. Self-mutilation and denial of God are core principles in transgenderism. Zionism teaches their own children to grow up seething with hatred and violence against both Christians and Muslims. Zionists despise all who are not zionists, although they are happy to exploit gullible Christians into supporting zionism in the short term. But ultimately, zionists believe that Christians are expendable pawns who are “beneath” the zionists themselves. Racial supremacy.

If you oppose transgenderism, you might also want to oppose zionism. Neither philosophy is compatible with human rights or sustainable human civilization.

As I posted earlier on the new decentralized, P2P blockchain-driven free speech platform

The Declaration of Independence states that it is “self-evident” that all men (people) are created equal. Zionism, in contrast, says that only one race (Jews) is chosen by God (a master race) and that this race has the divine monopoly right to not merely rule over all other races, but to slaughter them at will, to steal their land, destroy their homes and take their resources. If you believe in the founding philosophy of the United States of America, you CANNOT simultaneously support #zionism and #Israel. They are irreconcilable. Those Americans who support Israel are, by definition, abandoning the founding principles of America. And anyone who believes that they are “chosen by God” to slaughter others at will is a danger to society and incompatible with civilized human life on this planet. The era of zionism, much like Apartheid, is headed for collapse. Israel will be gravely humbled, if not ultimately destroyed by its own arrogance, violence and hatred toward others.

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In other words, if you believe in human dignity, human rights and the principles upon which the United States of America was founded, you cannot possibly support zionism or transgenderism. Both are rooted in the philosophy of “supremacy,” which smacks of racism and the Third Reich.


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