Iran strikes Israel as region plunges into escalation cycle that could end in NUCLEAR WAR

The following are important highlights about the current escalation in the Middle East. This is actually the outline I wrote for my emergency podcast, which will be published at the HR Report channel on (It will be posted here once it is available.)

The sources for this information include both western news publishers (Reuters) as well as Al Jazeera, RT and Middle East Eye. Here’s my current assessment of where we are:

– Iran launched an estimated 300+ drones and missiles at mostly rural military targets in Israel, deliberately avoiding civilian targets. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) releases a statement: “In response to the crime of the Zionist regime in the attack on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the IRGC air force hit certain targets in the territories of the Zionist regime with dozens of drones and missiles.”

– Panic buying of food and supplies across Israel, including Tel Aviv.

– Iran says this is the conclusion of its response to Israel’s April 1 attack on Iran’s consulate building in Damascus.

– Iran has a right to respond to Israel’s violent April 1 attack, under UN Charter, Article 51: (

“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of collective or individual self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a member of the United Nations…”

– Israel provoked Iran with its illegal missile strike against Iran’s consulate building in Damascus, Syria, on April 1, killing several high-ranking Iranian military leaders. This was an act of war by Israel.

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– The U.S. and UN utterly failed to condemn Israel’s illegal and highly destabilizing April 1 attack on Damascus, confirming that western nations will never hold Israel accountable to any rule of law, any conventions, treaties or UN demands. Had western nations condemned Israel, Iran says it would not have deemed its response necessary.

– When the west claims Iran is “escalating” war in the region, this is a dishonest assessment. Israel escalated the war by provoking Iran in the first place. Iran responded with a very measured, limited response, not an escalatory wave.

– Israel’s claim of intercepting “99%” of Iran’s incoming drones and missiles is, of course, complete propaganda. The first wave accomplished exactly what Iran had planned: Forcing Israel to use up its anti-air defense munitions, knowing the U.S. can’t replace them in a timely manner.

– Iran now claims to have disabled some portion of Israel’s Iron Dome defense systems through cyber hacking (unverified).

– Israel now says it plans to retaliate against Iran for Iran’s retaliation against Israel’s April 1 attack. This means Israel is now escalating the conflict even further, which is exactly what Israel hoped to achieve.

– Israel has already begun to launch missile attacks on Tehran, with several explosions reported.

– In provoking Iran, Israel hopes to sweep the United States into a war with Iran so that U.S. soldiers will die for Israel and Iran will be weakened by U.S. military attacks.

– Iran’s first wave of attacks was very limited, but if pushed by another escalation from Israel, Iran may increase the firepower of its attacks and begin targeting key Israeli infrastructure.

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– If the U.S. gets involved in attacking Iran, Russia says it cannot stand by and do nothing, and will have to come to the aid of Iran in terms of military defense.

– Russian fighter jets are now running Combat Air Patrol missions in Iraq, in order to intercept any U.S. fighters or bombers that might enter the area to attack Iran.

– If this escalation continues, given the sociopathic leaders of Israel, there is a very real risk that Israel could attempt to unleash nuclear weapons. If this occurs, Iran is the likely target, as well as Damascus, Syria. Should Israel unleash nuclear weapons, Russia is almost certain to begin retaliating against Israel with its own nuclear weapons which are delivered via hypersonic missiles for which there is no western defense.

– The U.S. Navy is highly vulnerable to Russia’s nuclear weapons, including Kinzhal hypersonic missiles which are nuclear capable. Just one nuclear strike could sink multiple U.S. Navy vessels and end U.S. Navy dominance in the region.

– It is rumored that Iran already possesses nuclear weapons and may be prepared to use them against Israel if Iran believes it is facing an existential threat.

– Pakistan also has nuclear weapons and could deliver those weapons to Turkey, if Turkey were to be brought into the conflict.

– A date has been announced for the red heifer sacrifice in Jerusalem. It is April 22nd. Should this sacrifice occur, it will set off a region-wide revolt among Muslims who see Zionists as trying to pursue biblical acceleration of their apocalypse that zionists believe will see God save Israel from Russia and the Muslims. (Basically all the worst parts of the End Times described in the Bible.)

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– Iran is capable of blocking the Straight of Hormuz and effectively cutting of much of the world’s oil supply.

– Gold will skyrocket. Oil will skyrocket.

– Take this opportunity to get prepared with all the obvious supplies: Food, iodine, emergency comms systems (sat phones, radio, etc.).

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Source material can be found at this site.

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