UH OH, JOE: Michael Moore Warns Biden is Going to Lose in 2024 Like Hillary Lost in 2016 (VIDEO)

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Left wing activist and filmmaker Michael Moore thinks Biden is going to blow it for Democrats in 2024 like Hillary did in 2016.

According to Moore, millions of Michigan liberals are going to sit out the election over Biden’s handling of the Israel/Hamas conflict. He reminded MSNBC that Hillary lost Michigan in 2016 by a pretty small margin and he sees history repeating itself.

He may have a point. There have been multiple reports about all of the ‘uncommitted’ votes in the Michigan primary over this issue. Also, remember that Michael Moore was one of the few people on the left who understood Trump’s appeal in 2016.

FOX News reports:

Michael Moore warns Biden he’ll lose like Hillary did in 2016 over support for Israel

Liberal activist and filmmaker Michael Moore warned President Biden on Monday that he would lose to Donald Trump like Hillary Clinton did over his support for Israel, because voters would stay home in protest.

Moore said during his podcast, “Rumble with Michael Moore,” that Clinton lost “by two votes per precinct” in 2016. He addressed Biden and said, “that’s what’s going to happen to you.”

“President Biden, you could end this now. You know it’s wrong, I know you know it’s wrong. I know I sound like a broken record and I know you know you’re going to lose this election, in part because too many people are going to stay home,” Moore said. “They’re not going to vote for Trump. They’re not going to switch their vote from Trump to you, no, that is not how this is going to play out. As what happened with Hillary in Michigan, she lost by two votes per precinct. Two for the whole state. Two! And that’s what’s going to happen to you.”

Moore argued young people didn’t want war and told the president they were “sick” of what Biden’s been doing.

Watch Moore making this point on MSNBC.

Michael Moore may be an idiot, but he makes a valid point on this issue. If Trump takes Michigan it’s pretty much over for Biden.

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