TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Georgia election board admits it committed FRAUD in 2020

A letter from the Georgia State Election Board to Joseph Rossi spells game over for the false claim that there was no 2020 election fraud in the Peach State.

In the letter, which you can view below, the Georgia State Election Board admits that it violated election law in 2020. The fact that this admission is now in writing means there is no more denying that Georgia rigged its state election against Donald Trump.

The letter addresses a board meeting scheduled for May 7, 2024, at 9:30 a.m. at the Georgia State Capitol, Room 341. It explains to Rossi that he is not required to attend, but is welcome to if he so chooses.

Following a lengthy investigation by “experienced investigators,” Georgia officials admit in the letter that allegations made by Rossi concerning election fraud are now “in the violation found category,” meaning election crimes occurred.

While the board meeting will address both claims for which investigators found a violation as well as claims for which they did not, Rossi’s claim was determined to be in the violation found category – check out the letter below:

(Fact check: There is simply no way that Joe Biden won the state of Georgia in the 2020 presidential election.)

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Now what?

The claim from Rossi is dubbed SEB2023-25 in the letter, this referring to allegations that errors occurred both in the hand count and in the machine count for the 2020 election results in Fulton County.

In the below video, The Absolute Truth‘s Emerald Robinson explains in further detail what the implications are of this letter and what it states:

The fact that these revelations are coming out now, just months before the 2024 election and the end of Joe Biden’s first presidential term, is more than likely no accident.

“Too little, too late – intentionally,” wrote someone on X towards this end.

“So much for Bill Barr and our three-letter agencies claiming that 2020 was the ‘most secure election in all the land,'” wrote another about the joke that is the Washington, D.C., establishment.

Others expressed concern that nothing will become of this regardless of what transpires at the board meeting. Biden’s term is almost complete, after all, and it seems inevitable that the 2024 election will go the same way as the 2020 election now that those who stole the election know they can get away with it.

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“Great news, but what’s the remedy?” asked someone about Robinson’s report.

“If the Georgia criminal case against Trump is his claim there was election fraud, and if there was indeed election fraud, then the case against him is not valid,” wrote another.

Another wrote that this is possibly all happening now in order to disqualify Trump from legally winning in 2024 because it would technically constitute a third presidential term, which is illegal.

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“What if in like October they declare Trump actually did win in 2020 and therefore is ineligible for a third term?” this person wrote.

“Meanwhile Fani Willis is continuing with the bogus prosecution against Trump for pointing out exactly this,” expressed another about the political circus and witch hunt against Trump.

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