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President Trump made a stop Tuesday evening at the Harlem bodega where an employee acted in self-defense, resulting in death of thug two years ago.

The Harlem crowd was chanting, “USA! USA! USA!…” and ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!…”

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What an amazing sight – in Harlem, New York!

The crowd started singing the National Anthem – in Harlem!

And they were chanting, “We love Trump!… We love Trump!… We love Trump!…”

51-year-old Jose Alba stabbed his attacker several times in self-defense and now he’s at Rikers Island jail facing a murder charge.

Alba fatally stabbed Austin Simon, 35, a career criminal who violently attacked him behind the counter last Friday night.

According to reports, Austin Simon’s girlfriend got into an argument with Alba after her EBT card was declined when she tried to purchase a bag of chips.

The disgruntled woman then left the bodega, ran home and returned with her boyfriend – and that’s when the confrontation escalated.

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That’s when Simon attacked Alba and the bodega employee stabbed him to death.

In July 2022, crooked DA Alvin Bragg charged  Jose Alba with murder when he clearly acted in self-defense during an attack by a violent thug on his business.

Jose Alba was thrown into Rikers Island jail for nearly a week after he stabbed his attacker several times in self-defense.

Bragg was later dropped the charges due to community outrage.

Trump will visit the bodega today.

The AP.

Donald Trump plans to visit New York’s Harlem neighborhood Tuesday after spending his second day in a lower Manhattan courtroom as a criminal defendant.

Trump was expected to stop by Sanaa Convenient Store, a tiny bodega that sells chips, sodas and other snacks. Trump aides said the former president and current Republican nominee chose the store because it has been the site of a violent attack on an employee. He will also highlight consumer inflation under President Joe Biden, aides said.

The visit would be Trump’s first campaign appearance since his criminal hush money trial began, making the presumptive GOP nominee the first former president in U.S. history to stand criminal trial.

Trump will be confined to the courtroom on most days, dramatically limiting his movements.

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